Peace symbols exposed

Just a very short blog entry on the nature of two alleged peace symbols. These symbols have been reverse engineered, as follows:

The tree rune is a symbol for life, so reversed, it stands for death. "Our" peace movement, much to the bemusement of the ruling elite, who are familiar with symbology, has been using a death rune.

This hand gesture, as displayed on the left side, is still today a way of insulting people in England. The gesture, displayed either way as shown above, right or left side, is of occult origin, and it has nothing to do with peace or victory at all, because it stands for hatred and division. Note the two fingers forming a "V", the two lines diverging from one single point, which symbolizes division. I have no doubt that wicked "no-sports" Mr. Churchill knew the true meaning of the symbol that he was showing to the public. Please refer to my blog entry on TrueStory Germany to get a taste for his war crimes. Churchill was a first class racist and absolutely hated German people.

These two examples should demonstrate how we have been deeply lost in ignorance during the last Age. As the Pisces Age has now run out, it is time to start knowing and to stop believing.

Be careful about what symbols you follow and use.


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