The astrology of 911

Many articles have been written on this topic. So far, I have not seen one that really hits the nail on the head. In my opinion, complexity is a sign of lack of knowledge. Truth dictates simplicity and if there is an occult aspect of any value, it must be easily explainable on the zodiac wheel. Here is what I read.

911 was indeed, as many claim, a large scale, multi-purpose, media-driven, false flag, occult ritual, and the further you digg into the details, the more evidence you find that this event must have been prepared long before it happened. I am talking about a few decades, mínimum.

The big astro- theme of 911 is Saturn in Gemini. Saturn is the bigger malific and bringer of death. The symbol for Gemini is a roman #2 (II), and the physical destruction of the twin towers II finds its simple symbolic counterpart in "destruction" of the Gemini symbol by Saturn.

Twin towers as Gemini symbol - commerce and comunication

The "World Trade Center" stood for global commerce and communication, and the theme of Gemini is precisely this, commerce and communication, so we have a simple but clear coherence not just on symbolic level, but also on the level of interpretation. This should lead any researcher towards allowing this as possible evidence that this event was planned with precisely this theme in mind.

The rest of the event's birth chart (see above) provides further clues that point in the same direction, namely, that this event had been planned well in advance to accomplish three things:

- push forward a certain geopolitical and ideological agenda that would be desirable in this time
- take advantage of astrological energies that support the execution of such an agenda
- align the event with certain symbology and numerological features

The ascendant, which gave the event its outside appearance is Libra, which suggests justice as superficial motive, because the ascendant is merely the outside appearance, the aspect that would be perceived by the public. After the false flag attack the warmongers started screaming for vengeance and attacked and destroyed two countries which had no connection to the event whatsoever (Afghanistan and Iraq), but which were for example listed as targets in the documents of PNAC.

Uranus, the shock-change producing orb was in Aquarius, which is the sign symbolizing brotherhood/ society/ humanity. The aim of the event was indeed to traumatize the American/ global society, mainly with the help of a false narrative, mass media manipulated imagery, blatant lies, false accusations and fairy tale elements, e.g. Arabs with boxcutters. The event, with Uranus in Aquarius, was indeed a shock-changer of the way we see society. It was the birth of the fake war on terror, which can be regarded as a hoax, because "terror" is a feeling, not an external ernemy.

Mars, bringer of war and aggression, was exalted (so in a modus above his usual power) and very powerful in Capricorn, the sign symbolizing buildings and hierarchies. By scheduling the false flag attack into this time period (Mars is in each sign for approx. 1 year at a time), the purpetrators assured that the proposal of going to war would find quick support and minimum resistance.

September 11th falls into the 2nd decan of Virgo, which belongs to Capricorn and is co-ruled by Saturn. Capricorn is the goat, Saturn the great malific. Death symbols all along.

So much for the astrology - it delivers a clear, coherent message. No rocket science required. All three malifics (Uranus, Saturn and Mars) were being taken advantage of.

Let's look at some symbolic aspects:

I X X I = 09 11

If you write the numbers 09 and 11 in Roman numerals, it reads IX-XI, or IXXI and if you see this not as Roman numerals, but as pictogram, you have the Masonic two pillars left and right and the Masonic compass & square in the middle! Very cute. In my opinion this was the primary reasons to pick this date, it is a display of Masonic power.

IXXI on the memorial Wall of ground zero - straight in our faces!

If you think this interpretation is far fetched, take note that some Jesuit rings have been found with precisely this symbology:

Apparantly, hundreds of these Jesuit rings were recovered from the wreck of La Belle, Louis XIV’s ship that left La Rochelle (the Templars’ port) in 1684 ( I did not verify this).

I have explained how, when and why the USA have been turned into a Jesuit controlled war machinery in my blog entry on TRUEstory USA here

There are a few more playful elements around these numbers:

- The date fell exactly into the 21st month of the 21st century.
- "911" is the emergency code in the US.
- 11 years before the attack to the day, on Sep 11th, 1990, G. Bush Sr. gave his famous speech about the New World Order.
- The NYTC was built in the previous Saturn in Gemini cycle in 1971 - most likely already with the idea in mind, to bring it down.

- there is a clear Masonic/ Jesuit handwriting on the events of 911
- there is a clear astrological message contained
- the event MUST have been planned a long time in advance


  1. Stunner, absolute stunner!
    There is truth in your speculations, that i hadn't heard before regarding 911.
    I am too unlearned in astrology to understand this completely, nor duplicate it,
    but it's enough to suspect, that you hit on something very profound.

    If they use astrology to their advantage, which i have no doubt,
    how can we?

    1. The topic this question leads into is horary astrology - the art of timing events with knowledge of the desired birth chart (either an event or person). But the most important way for all of us to steer through life is know ourselves, and this is done by studying your own birth chart. Once you know it well, you can follow the physical transits, thus, you know what is coming to you, when, and why. The most powerful way to go through life. You can be in complete control of your destiny, if you master it.