Russia moving from left to right?

In the past month my readership was mostly Russian. It was the very first time that Russian readers have taken the no. 1 spot of readers, which up until now had always been occupied by US-American readers.

I thought I take this opportunity to throw in the middle some historic facts about "-isms" and the origin of the revolutionary faith. Few people are aware of the origins of the political left-right spectrum. This short entry is supposed to provide some clarity. The information is mostly based on "Fire in the Minds of Men" by Billington. This is one of those prescious books that are simply priceless!

The terms "left " and "right" were introduced as political labels in the late 18th century, specifically during the French Revolution (1789), which was the bloodiest and most inhumane of all so-called revolutions. These two labels were a product of the extreme violence during these awful years, the violence which originated from the Jewish-led and founded Masonic lodges, the reign of terror originating from the Palais-Royal, the Grand Orient and Cercles Sociales.

"Left" were the violent, occult, anti-human, anti-establishment and most of all anti-Christian forces that were driven and rolled out through the Masonic revolutionary networks.

"Right" were the pro-Christian forces who were trying to defend what had been accomplished over the past 2000 years. Christianity in itself was a tragedy, but nevertheless, it was the social order that had been grown and cultivated over nearly two millenia, so to tear this order down was an outright attack on civilization and culture.

The secure basis for all European/Russian revolutions have traditionally been Brussels and Switzerland. The primary protagonists behind the revolutionary can be described as mostly being homeless, Jewish journalists. The magic of journalism indeed replaced the Church in Europe. Before journalism, people would listen to preachers. In the age of journalism, people would now listen to anonymous Jewish revolutionaries. From one deception to the next, tragic.

The "left" idea was continued in Russia/ Soviet Union and the "right" idea was brought to its extreme by Hitler Germany. But also in USA today, "Democratic" and "Republican" are nothing but revolutionary titles. Revolution against what? Against the Republic itself, because USA were not founded as a Democracy and the ridiculous voting system today is nothing but a decoy to hide the fact that USA is still ruled by the Empire and Zionist forces around Capitol Hill. "Federalism" is the natural next step and this automatically destroys unity and creates a jungle of Law. Federal States like Germany and USA are lost in such jungles.

The birth of ideologies goes back to the Hegelian movement, which produced both German Marxism (Materialism) and Russian Intelligentsia. These two concepts combined resulted in the brutal "Bolshevism" (majoritaires), where intellectual could only be on the "left" side and in fact needed to be killed on mass scale later in time.

The term "communism" was coined in France around 1840. These were "radicals", which means that they wanted a radical change (latin radix = root). The first French communists were Pillot, Dezamy and Laponneraye, all of whom were Parisean journalists. Their goal of writing was to re-educate people to annihilate their ego. Atheism was a vital component of this idea (Marx, Dezamy, Feuerbach).

Starting in 1914 began the great chain of assassinations commited by Russian Jews, which I have listed in my blog entry about German TrueStory.

The first mass following of workers's class people were the German Social Democrats, founded by F. Lassalle. In 1891 they declared themselves "Marxist" with the consent of J. Engels. Marxism is nothing else but materialism, which is based on violent Atheism.

In the 2nd half of the 19th century Russian socialism replaces Polish nationalism as driving force in Europe. Revolutionaries now start to speak about "Global Transformation", which is another way of saying "New World Order", the great Zionist goal of world socialist government under leadership of intellectual, elitist Jews who rule the animal-like Goyim.

In the 1860's began a wave in and around Russia of nihilism, terrorism, anarchism, populism, a total opposition of status quo. Driving forces were for instance Necheav (dark genius), Tkachev (extremist) and Alex Ulyanov (Lenin's older brother, an outright, self-proclaimed terrorist).

The German spark also reaches Russian Jews and Zionism is born in the 1880's during anti-Jewish progroms. The BUND, which is the general Union of Jewish workers in Russia and Poland comes to life, and this very title "BUND" is what today governs post-war Germany. Germany is today in Zionist hands, because Zionist have won WWII against the pro-Christian forces of Europe, led by Hitler. In 1897 the 1st Zionist Congress takes place in Basel. The Global Zionist movement later declared war on Germany and kicked off WW2. The Jewish revolutionaries started WW2, not the Germans.

In 1903 the Bolshevik Party is created with S. Raduchenko as first "apparat". Lenin portrays himself as "master builder", which is his open testimony to being part of Jewish masonry. In 1917 Lenin is transported in a sealed train to Russia, he forms the 3rd international and dies in 1924 before the forced industrialization. Three revolutionary shockwaves destroyed Russian culture, January 1917, March 1917 and November 1917 and the Tsarist Romanov family was killed by Jewish Zionist forces. Power figures now were the Jews Lenin, Trotzky, Sobelsohn and Lunacharsky. The Ochrana secret police was created for assassinating opponents.

The above bullet points serve to show that "left", German "links" was originally the Judeo-Masonic revolutionary, anti-Christian, murdering mob that attacked society on grand scale during the 18th, 19th and 20th century. In German language left means "links" and to be "link" also means low-down, or underhanded, wicked. "Right" on the other hand is the right (correct) way of behaviour, the righteous way of defending society from (Judeo-Masonic) violence.

This is the reason why in western society today, only left-intellectuals have a raison d'etre. There can be no right-intellectuals and the right side is being branded as something evil, while the opposite is the historic truth! The evil side has clearly been the left side. In occultimsm the left path is the evil side, the right path is the path of light. On the Tree of evil we find the evil fruits (planets) on the left side, the righteous planets on the right side.

Geopolitically, I get more and more the feeling that Vladimir Putin is the only sane and honest politician left on the world stage today. In the past few weeks he prevented Turkish forces from entering Syria and apparently nearly wiped out the Mossad/ CIA controlled ISIS and there may be hope that also Iraq and other territories might soon be cleaned from this most recent Judeo-masonic/ Zionist nightmarish tool of deception and destruction.

Western Masonic forces, mainly through Zionist-controlled news outlets, first tried to blame Putin for their very own revolutionary actions in Crimea, but Putin stayed calm, he smelled the bait. Then he stayed calm when western Zionist forces destroyed Syria and started bulding terrorist forces in the region. He now recently made a genius level chess move by declaring his support for the "war on terror" hoax in a UN speech and quickly destroying the rogue rebel forces called ISIS in Syria.

The true Axis of evil (Israel, D.O.C., London city, Paris, Berlin, Saudi Arabia, Turkey) seems to have finally found a stumbling block for their world domination plans. Or is this also just an episode within their insane plan of fulfilling Jewish prophecy?

Obama reminds me of the fairy tale "The Emperor has no clothes". The small boy pointing the finger at him is the alternative media scene.

It may just be that Putin is the force of light who is able to prevent WW3.
I am always sceptical about world leaders but Putin seems to be on a righteous path!

Hopefully this is not another fake hero, who later turns against humanity.

Peace and Hotep!


  1. I have no clue about all the Putin games...
    Some days ago I read about Russia's Space Agency hoaxing their way to the moon together with the EU ESA.
    Isn't that nice... right...?
    The Lunatics are gonne Colon-ize it.

    1. ....LOL...I like that comment! The Moon might indeed be the right spot for Lunatics, the only problem is, we cant get them through the Van-Allen-Belt :-)

    2. Nah, we cant, but I bet in Hollywood they can...:-)

  2. Happy to see you back! Another great article. I hope you are right about Putin. one day i feel the same about him, but the next I feel that he is part of it all and it's a play they are performing, in order to get to their so wanted WW3.

    i hope to see more of your work soon! Bless you