Transcending the madness – the way of the Toltec Warrior

Toltec mind warrior

Many people are marveling at the "madness" of the world today, and believe you me, it will be more people and they will marvel even more, especially once they rediscover how to think responsibly and apply logic again, a skill which most adult people today are not capable of. People readily adapt media opinions and follow erroneous scientific teachings on mass scale. The revelations of this age have only just begun and trying to hold on to a dying paradigm is futile. In nature, in this universe, in this life, old, worn down things are not renewed – they die and are replaced with new things. This is the circle of life and our generation will not change this universal law, neither will the Pentagon, the Harvard professors, the NSA, or any other silly institution on the planet. We are getting ready to say good bye to banks, corrupt governments, churches and detrimental science (technology that goes against nature). Before this can happen, there must be a power struggle, which we are currently witnessing.

Lord Northcliff (see here) correctly observed over 100 years ago, that “news” is what is being held back, the rest is advertising and currently we are being made aware of the fact that everything we do is recorded and watched (advertising of the NSA). Internet/ telephone surveillance indeed is not “news”, in fact it has been going on since day one of the Internet. Few people are able to make the simple addition of 1 +1 and realize that the NSA was co-founder of Google (through In-Q-Tel, see here), that Google Earth is used to control drone attacks and that the ARPA-Net was Pentagon technology from the get-go. I sometimes wonder, what could be so hard to understand about the simple fact that Google searches YOU, not the other way around? Who hasn`t yet grasped that smart phones are our electronic doggy-tag? We are currently being conditioned to use this technology and to integrate it into our daily life. This takes 2-3 decades, one generation. Our grandchildren will laugh at these devices. Or they will destroy them – it depends on what we teach them.

Early Illuminati member v. Knigge

The astonishing thing is, that even though some people correctly observe that madness indeed prevails in western society, they completely fail to draw meaningful conclusions from this and act accordingly. Most adult people I meet don’t feel comfortable talking about important issues more than 5 minutes, because it “depresses” them or makes them sad or angry. They are media-trained to perceive events in such emotional way and the emotional response has been scientifically designed, because emotions block rational thinking. Better switch the subject to football, movies or the weather. Have you ever heard about the “Knigge” rules, e.g. not to talk about politics during a business lunch? Well, take notice that Baron v. Knigge (see here), the man who helped to develop and establish this and many other idiotic rules, was the most prominent early member of the Bavarian Illuminati (a historic fact)? OF COURSE the establishment doesn’t want us to talk about politics and get involved. The scale of the mind control system that has been developed over the centuries is simply beyond comprehension for most people. Yet, for awakened minds, two things are obvious: firstly, nothing is accidental and secondly, our capabilities as human beings are going down the drain, the further we develop and use information “technology”.

My blog is meant to provide practical tools for our time and you may have noted that one of the titles I give myself is “Toltec Warrior” and some have asked me to explain what this means. I will give you my personal interpretation below, but only in abbreviated format. It is then up to you to make proficiency yourself, read a book or do further research, in case you are interested.

A “Toltec Warrior” is not a Toltec and not a warrior (in the sense of going into a physical war). The expression is misleading, a more simple title could be “mind warrior”. The term was probably coined by Carlos Castaneda in his popular book series (see above), which is about a man ("Carlos") becoming the apprentice of an old shaman ("Don Juan", see details here). Definitely a very good read, but as most people are overloaded with information fast food today and prefer the quick and dirty info, I will summarize the message below. But my blog wouldn’t be my blog if the info were not spiced up with some thoughts about syncretism and Khemetology. Because in the end of the day, the spiritual system of the Toltec Warrior, just like all spiritual, religious and magical systems, is one and the same and I find it easy to transfer the teachings of Don Juan (the “shaman” in the above book) to the Kaballah/ Paut Neter, to Christian myth, to Vedic wisdom, to Western Magick or to any other system there may be. This is only logical, because there is only one set of natural laws to operate within, and words are moreover meaningless containers.

According to Don Juan`s teachings, man has 4 natural enemies:
(details added by myself)

1.      Fear
It is the fear of learning, the fear of letting go what was once thought to be important and real. Fear is only an emotion and can be shut off. Emotions are part of the animal-derived body and we possess the power of will to transcend them (meaning to acknowledge them but to not let them rule our behavior). Fear is an instinctive impulse from the R-Complex, the “oldest” part of the brain. Once it has been silenced and there is clarity of desires, a Toltec (mind) warrior is born.

2.      Clarity
The second enemy is clarity, the illusion of having knowledge. Knowledge is like a balloon that is being inflated, the touching point with the unknown becomes bigger, the larger the balloon of knowledge gets. In this sense, learning simply never stops, no matter what we do. Knowledge is therefore always incomplete and truth, in its very core, is a personal struggle. There is no absolute truth, there is only universal truth, which can be received, but not generated in the brain. When desire and learning stop, true power arrives (note how these are the top three spheres of the Tree of Life/ Paut Neter/ “Kaballah”)

3.      Power
When true power is obtained, it becomes a complex burden, because there are no instructions on how and when and why to use it. If used for the wrong motives it can be detrimental or fatal. It needs to be held in check, otherwise it may lead to a “dark side” (compare to what George Lukas shows us in Star Wars).

4.      Old age
Gaining true power takes several decades, as one moves through the gates of life. The desire to rest will become stronger and stronger and must be resisted.

Here the basic summary points of the Toltec world view:
(details added by myself)

  • All that human beings do is folly, all is pointless.
  • Does the path that you walk on have a heart? If no, drop it. Both paths are useless, but one will be a joyful journey
  • Be free from fear and ambition.
  • Will dominates life, it does not matter whether it is meaningful. But it should not be used to obstruct other life forms.
  • Nothing and nobody is more or less important than anyone or anything else. Nature and life must be respected.
  • What makes unhappy, is to want. Power is to resist wanting. Observe your thoughts, some may not even be yours. Get rid of them
  • Human will is the only free element. It can create an opening, it is a force from within that attaches to the world.
  • Be aware of the two-fold nature of death. As soon as you are born, you are dying. Death accompanies you at all times and you don’t know when your time will come. During physical life, “you” are dead. When the physical body dies, “you” live again. Perfection is death. Imperfection is the struggle of life.
  • Detach from everything. Be a master of choices. Acquire patience, learn slowly, wait for the divine will to lead . If you receive the will, power emerges. Grab it with force from your naval area.
  • Once you learn to see, you are no longer a warrior, you become a sorcerer. Now you can take full control of the folly and meet others.
  • Everything is new, everything is nothing.
  • You are never in a hurry, yet never available.
  • Stop your mind`s internal talk. Then the world changes.
  • The world is a mystery, which is not to solve, but to transcend, to master. It is like learning to ride a horse.
  • The only mistake is to impose the will on others, better step out and re-direct the pressure.
  • If people ask, let them know, according to their level.
  • If people bore you or threaten you, waste no time

Some personal thoughts that I wish to add concerning "waking up others":

  • If people make you feel uncomfortable or send negativity, avoid them. There is no advantage to the world, if you let yourself be dragged down
  • You don’t have the right or duty to wake others up. In fact, in most cases, you can`t. The only way to make an impact is to lead by example. Everyone must make proficiency by themselves.
  • People may want to spend their life dreaming and they may not want to be woken up, especially not by you. This needs to be respected, unless their dreaming causes a threat to you, in this case it is your duty to try to wake them up. This is achieved by action, not so much by words.
  • Study the Quadrivium of the 7 Liberal Arts, learn the art of Rhetoric (this is not what the term means today).
  • Be careful with visual "entertainment", the Holly-Wood dream factory/ fake reality of life. This is other people imposing their images onto your subconscious

If you like the topic and have an hour to spare, Theun Mares explains in this video, how he interprets this philosophy. A very interesting character, he passed away a few years ago. My respect to him, in my mind he lives on. Side note: Today is Halloween, the hallowed eve....the time of the year to celebrate our ancestors, the people on whose shoulders we stand.

Another component of the teachings, which are somewhat related to Peruvian Nagual/ Nagal teachings (and therefore to Khemet teachings, because the Nagual are Khemet keepers of mystery teachings) is the so-called stalking, which basically means, to give up personal desire and thus penetrate universal/ divine truth. The very same principle is applied in Masonry (mock death ritual), Egyptian initiation rites/ Kaballah (Heru-khuti cuts off the false Ego), Christian myth (crucification and rebirth), Western Magic (ritual to impress subconscious), Yoga techniques (meditation to still the mind), Sufi trance, etc., etc. Put it all together and make it one. This is called “Syncretism”, a right brain technique.

The principles of “stalking” according to the books are roughly as follows:

  • Relax
  • Shut off fear
  • Get rid of things that distract and are not required
  • Always stay in the present, past and future are illusions
  • Choose the battles yourself, choose them wisely
  • If no victory is possible, retreat
  • Make the own (ego) will the fiat power of divine will – when you decide to become the tool of divine will, you receive limitless power (basis of all initiation systems)
Hapi- ness came from Egypt

I wish to add that even though they express the same ideas, Khemet teachings go both deeper and higher than Toltec teachings, the key superior feature being that the Khemet life system offers a scientific definition and detailed explanation of both health and happiness. Note, the word “happy” derives from the Hapi – valley, which is located in Egypt...

Nevertheless, I appreciate highly some of the concepts laid out by Don Matus, because it is a very practicable and easy system, something to work with. It also immediately adds a higher purpose to life, because fighting a mind war is an ongoing, meaningful, challenging and very difficult path, which only few men dare to travel. 98% of adult men today are on the mental level of children. They follow ball games, cannot be faithful, are confused about their own role as men, are not willing to die for their family and stand up for much, have a child`s humour and behave like monkeys. Of course, I am fully aware, that this is the result of chemical manipulation and hundreds (better thousands) of years of social engineering.

So what`s up with the women? Traditionally, women don’t need initiation. They are loving and peaceful by nature. It is the mentally weaker sex, the men, who need rites, initiation, leadership, guidance and advice. So don’t think I am chauvinistic, I know my science. Female energy is magnetic and builds up, male energy is electric and can be depleted and needs constant renewal. So, all you males out there, let`s stop wasting our energy on being “mad” at politicians or “scared” of war or “disappointed” in the system or cheering for the local football club. It is all folly, or, as I would call it, it is complete bullshit. Just because the world around us is occupied with bullshit, it doesn’t mean that we should occupy our mind with this bullshit. Feel free to clean it out. Free your mind from the bullshit, if enough people learn to do this, the corrupt system will fade away by itself. Simply withdraw your conscious energy from it. Thus you don’t get mad, you get even, by ignoring it.

Thanks to all and welcome to the warrior`s path!

If you have an occult, spiritual or mundane topic you would like to hear about, contact me. I share what I know for free, because I am aware that I know nothing and all information belongs to all.

Peace, Hotep, Islam!


  1. Dear Barca de Luna (Lisa, right?),
    thanks for this pretty concise introduction into the Toltec way, which I am trying to follow as well. One mundane question: I absolutely adore the image of the "Toltec Mind Warrior" at the start of the post. Is there any chance to learn about the source? I'd love to have this as a huge poster on my wall (not just on my desktop :-)).
    Thanks for your amazing blogging work, I've only recently discovered your treasure trove and started to dig through.
    Sonnenfalke (from Germany)

    1. Hotep brother, by "Barca de Luna" I refer to Barcelona, which is where I live. The boat of the Moon, which is the spiritual, left eye. I took this image from a website that dealt with the Toltec concept but I dont recall which one it was. My fault, I should have given credit to the painter. Will do this next time! Gruss nach Deutschland! Wenn Du mal in Barcelona bist, klopf an.

  2. Thank you for this articel. Everything is about energy...and gainibgng energy. Without energy there is no possibility to even "see" passages. Nagual is a master in controlling energy.
    Mr Per Berglund. perberglund15@hotmail.com