6.000 years of fake history - Spain in the "New World Order"

Following the last blog entry about Heru (divine power of human will), this blog has had thousands of viewers worldwide on a daily basis, which is astronomical for a blog that has been launched only two months ago and deals with “unpopular” topics. I am very grateful for this feedback and everyone who helped to spread this information. Truth is something personal. There is only one person in this world who knows, whether you are telling the truth, and that person is you. This is the true meaning of the bible passage “the truth shall set you free” – it does not refer to the truth that is received, it is the truth that we give to ourselves and to others. What is true from my point of view, may be “wrong” from your point of view, and this is perfectly natural and should not cause any aggravations. Therefore, truth must not be searched – it can only be generated from within, which is a lifelong task. I will expand on this below.

Inspiration through respiration

I am going to continue spreading hidden knowledge in this blog, and the reason why I am doing this is to plant seeds of information that have the capacity to liberate humanity from the religious and scientific dogma, abusive teachings and historical lies. I am just warming up. My arsenal of occult information is limitless, because we are now in the age of Aquarius, which is the age of the "outpouring" of truth and washing away of all the lies of the Piscean Age, which has just ended. Several keepers of ancient wisdom (e.g. Sufi master Abd’el Hakim Awyan) have stepped forward in recent years and started to release their sacred knowledge. The internet enables us to meta-research in lightning speed, to download books that are out of print, to listen at any time of the day to the information of great teachers on Youtube or other platforms (I recommend Dr. Alim Bey, Santos Bonacci, Dr. Phil Valentine, to name a few). We can get in touch with priests and shamans around the world, learn ancient languages, communicate to a global audience, etc, etc. The wealth of the internet to me is immense and I use it primarily as a tool for research. Even though I would appreciate the coverage, I boycott spy platforms like Facebook or Twitter. I study occult teachings several hours every day, preferably from printed books, because these contain the same information every time I open them, and I base the information that I present in this blog on millenia of occult teachings, drawn from hundreds of brilliant, forgotten (or censored) books, and increasingly from my own meditation practices, through which I get additional inspiration (to be “in-spired”, means to receive information through re-spiration, i.e. through the breath. Knowledge is not “stored” in the electrical brain, it is merely processed there. The brain is just the CPU, not the RAM, which is located outside of individual bodies).

I am also receiving feedback from apologists (people who try to defend the indefensible lies of the Piscean Age) and from the “scientific” side, so here a brief comment on how to define “evidence”. Evidence comes from “evident” and refers to “logic”, because if something is evident, it is conclusive or self-explaining. This means that evidence should be information in which logical conflicts have been systematically eliminated, in order to reach conclusive understanding of contexts and interdependencies (I explained the 7 Liberal Arts here). So, the scientific battle cry “Show me the evidence!” is based on the misinterpretation of the word “evidence”, because each one of us must perceive “evidence” through our own logic, and as such, the term “evidence” is not the same term that is used in our perverted court system, where a judge can decide which evidence will be accepted, and which not. You are your own judge and I am mine, you are responsible to generate your truth an d your evidence, I must generate mine. Evidence is not something that can be “shown”. Materials can be pointed to, knowledge can be shared and discussed, artifacts can be discussed, but evidence itself cannot be “shown”, it can only be suggested or offered. A pyramid with the seal of Khufu on it is by no means “evidence” that this pyramid was built by Khufu, this is merely a valid possibility (even though a false one, because pharaos/ kings have never built anything at all, it was always the priest class who planned and built monuments). One who denies the existence of other possibilities is being dogmatic (Dogma is a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true). Churches are dogmatic, this is why I like comparing today`s scientific disciplines to “religious systems”. It is time for us to mentally rid ourselves of all of these false institutions and by this I mean, to simply ignore their information. Let those who wish to do so mentally masturbate among themselves over their “evidence” and congratulate each other on their dogmatism. If I find the time, I will expose how today´s scientific system has been created, because hiding the truth was one of the major objectives when science was broken up. Today, science is broken up into so many pieces, that professors know almost everything about nothing. I propose the opposite – to know a lot about everything.

"How well we know what a profitable superstition

this fable of Christ has been for us"

Pope Leo X (1513-1521)

In order to give you an idea how his-story is being faked and how highly intelligent, modern scholars are being fooled by the dozen and used as tools to perpetuate lies, I will provide one simple example through which a large part of the house of cards called “Egyptology” can be collapsed at an instance. For the reconstruction of dynasties, Egyptologists frequently reference and heavily rely on a mysterious, allegedly “Egyptian” historian by the name of Manetho (see here), who wrote exclusively in Greek language, which was the language of the oppressors of Egypt at that time, as Egypt was ruled by the Greek Ptolemy dynasty, who had married into Egyptian royal families. Manetho wrote the “History of Egypt” (“Aegyptiaca”) and the only ancient reference to this work is that of the “Jewish” historian Flavius Josephus (side note: “Jewish” is a language group and does not indicate race or locality, so by saying that someone is “Jewish”, this tells us nothing about nationality or identity of this person). “Flavius Josephus” however, and this has been proven evidently by comparison of writing styles, expressions used, clues given, the “signature” of this author, was one of the many, many pen names of Arrius PisO, who was “Aries-Pisces”, the self-declared astrological “god” between the ages of Aries and Pisces, the “Alpha and Omega”, he is the “Joseph” of the New Testament, the allegorical (and literary) “father” of Jesus, because he authored the New Testament and invented the Jesus character, thus he was the “father” of Jesus. The initials “J.C.” pay tribute to Julius Caesar, because J.C. was a Ptolemy and Arrius Piso was a descendant of Cleopatra VII (the last Ptolemy to officially rule Egypt) and Julius Caesar.

The biblical, as well as the actual  6,000 years of fabricated history were constructed in parallel by the Piso family, who were descendants of the Ptolemys. The simple fact is that royalty has always had exclusive power over what was published and broadly distributed. In order to create the illusion of freedom of speech and diversity of authors, they used various pen names. Egyptology references and relies heavily on this questionable “Aegyptiaca”, which was authored to hide the fact that before the official dynasties, there were hundreds of prior dynasties in Khemet, in Ta-Seti (“Land of the bow”, Nubia) and Ethiopia. To conclude this short example, the issue is not only that Egypologists reference Manetho whenever convenient, they also ignore the same source on other occasions, because Manetho (who was hired most likely by Ptolemy Philadelphius for money to write fake history) also stated that the history of Khemet was 36.000 years. (book references: “Nile Valley Contribution to Civilization”, Browder 1992, “Piso Christ” by Roman Piso/ Jay Gallus, 2010, “From light to darkness”, Mehler).

Let`s move away from belief systems (of which “Egyptology” is one and “History” as larger subgroup another) and start transforming “his story” into “true mystery”/ my story by gathering the scattered and very limited knowledge that is available and by adding some of the hidden details and making some inter-disciplinary connections, as we liberate our minds and we untie ourselves from single “disciplines” (= intellectual punishments). The main theme of this blog is syncretism, i.e. putting things together, which is the opposite of “analysis” (taking things apart). All of today´s scientific disciplines are limited in their scope, which is due to their separation into dogmatic, “evidence-based” clubs that demand a certain status-quo/ title to be a member and who “judge” evidence at will, which is done from the top (KOL/ Key Opinion Leader/ "expert" system). Just how far this insanity can lead science, can be seen in the case of “ancient Israel”, which his-storyans have constructed 99% on the basis of bible myths and only one, single artifact that has ever been found (see this blog entry here), which is not sufficient to invent an ancient country. It is easy to predict that also in the future no additional artifacts of "ancient Israel" will ever be found, because there can be no physical artifacts of an allegorical location, unless they are forged, which, by the way, is common practice in so-called “Museums”, which have been propaganda tools from the start. The first such place to create and implant “memories” was the “Mouseion” in Alexandria, which was also established by the Ptolemaic dynasty, the Greek rulers of Egypt, which branched into the Piso family. We can only guess how many times these royal families have changed their names ever since and how they call themselves today. It is probably a waste of time to try to find out.

Spain and the Umayyad (Sons of Ma`at) Caliphate

Previously I had announced that I would write about the particular situation of Spain today. I have the great pleasure of living in this beautiful country since earlier this year and my life has been enriched by living amongst these friendly, open minded people, who display great joy of life and great humor, despite the so-called “financial crisis”, which is currently hurting many through loss of jobs, forced evacuations, etc. Spanish people are very friendly towards children, and they bravely endure the seeming “tonterias” (stupidities) of their politicians, who, by the way, do not support family structures in any way other than creating complex bureaucracy and rules to follow. There is no such thing as “child support” in Spain and maternity leave is rather short. Having kids is rather expensive and some young Spanish people have told me that they choose not to have children only because of the costs. Obviously, this must be the political game plan, and not only in Spain, as the global promotion of homosexual marriage shows. This author is 100% tolerant towards any and all forms of being, but if you “zoom out” and look at society as a whole, and history has proven this over and over, a society that elevates homosexuality to the same level as family structures (= couples capable of creating new life), is steering towards social collapse.

a tree with many roots

Promotion of homosexuality is only one way of population control/ eugenics, which is currently also being advanced through the reduction of sperm cells in males (e.g. through additives in supermarket food and packaging materials, such as Bisphenol-A in plastic PET bottles, which is an endocrine disruptor that mimics female sex hormones), promotion of homosexuality in law/ pop culture/ fashion/ media, promotion of pornography (which disturbs male sexuality and  impairs neurological development of teenagers by activating hormones and thus advancing puberty), gender bending (e.g. “metrosexuals”), denying financial support for families, etc. This is a global, long term social engineering program and it is no coincidence that the same program is running in all western nations at the same time. This is social engineering on a global basis. It is evident, that some powerful people have covertly decided to roll this out globally and I am giving hints in my blog as to who these people could be. Naming these people however, is probably impossible, as I have just explained, so it makes little sense to waste precious time and energy on the matter. In the end of the day, we are made to do everything to ourselves, so if we wish to preserve the sperm count of future generations, we have to stop buying plastic bottles (a particular problem in Spain). If there is no demand for plastic bottles, they will slowly disappear.

Nephew of Sigmund Freud invented the art of propaganda

Let`s now proceed to expose the specific plan of Spanish/ EU “politics”. Politics serve as media “stage show” to “sell” ideas to the public. Governments are the public relation/ advertising teams of the occult rulers (read “Fire in the Minds of Men” by Billington and “Propaganda” by E. Bernays, especially the book by Bernays should be read by every kid in school). As I write this, Spain is being shaken by yet another corruption scandal in highest government that is mind blowing (see here "Barcenas/ Rajoy scandal). While millions of people are suffering from the “crisis”, the top politicians are passing around envelopes with millions of Euros. How can they sleep at night? Despite the overwhelming evidence (and increasingly, Spanish public opinion) that politicians are merely white-shoe Mafia and that high finance is closely tied to organized crime, most adult people still “believe” in government as institution (“belief” always means the surrender of enquiry and knowledge). In order to accelerate the elimination of this belief (in a system that has been broken from the start), I will take you through some major historical events, beginning in 711 ACE. I will add some “true story” to Spain`s “his- story”, in order to generate a more complete, logical picture, which is meant to show you that today`s top politicians are far from “stupid” – they are just following orders from the top and stage acting... as good as they can. 

Barcenas- Rajoy scandal in Spain

Like all European countries, Spain`s true-story is one of systematical abuse from the top by the ruling class/ old banking families/ elites, whatever we want to call them. The truly powerful are the people that we never, ever see in the news and who cannot be named, because they change their name at will, which they can do because they have put themselves above the legal system which they themselves have created and they make use of their special “birthright” to change their names, which "common people" are not allowed to do . Here an example (quoted from Wikipedia, which in simple cases is good enough as a reference, because it is easy to prove by looking at the family tree of the so-called “Windsors” = Saxe-Coburg):

Members of the Royal Family belong to, either by birth or marriage, the House of Windsor, since 1917, when George V changed the name of the royal house from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. This decision was primarily taken because Britain and her Empire were at war with Germany and given the British Royal Family's strong German ancestry; it was felt that its public image could be improved by choosing a more British house name. The new name chosen, Windsor, had absolutely no connection other than as the name of the castle which was and continues to be a royal residence.

This is how it has been done since over 2,000 years.

"Columbus" monument in Barcelona

The name “Barcelona” inspired me to write about Spain and it will serve as entry point. The occult meaning occurred to me only a few weeks ago while I was on my way to work. Barcelona is a supposed “Roman” city that was founded approx. 2,000 ago and, like most cities, constructed on top of more ancient settlements, which in the case of Barcelona go back at least 6,000 years (see here). So-called “Phoenicians” also had an outpost here, and they were a Semitic (note that Semites are a language group, not a “race”) commercial/ navigator people from “Canaan”. This is bible term and the bible describes Canaan as “son of Ham”, and “Ham” means black, as in Mu-Ham-Med ("one pulled from waters of darkness to justice"). Another one of the “children of Ham” is “Mizraim”, which is the Hebrew name for Egypt, and yet another is Cush, which in the Septuagint is translated as “Aithiopia”, so all the sons of Ham, including “Canaanites”, were black people. The simple truth is that “Canaan” was a black-African colony of Khemet and Khemet was an outpost of the Ethiopian Empire (according to the classical Greek term, not the territory of Abyssinia. “Ethiopia” is Greek and means “burnt faces” and this term basically included just about everyone who had black skin, see here).

Mainstream his-story makes these simple facts very confusing by adding much linguistic and geographic complexity and, whenever convenient, cross-referencing to bible texts, which are ALLEGORICAL and not primarily to be understood as historical or geographic information. Another very revealing and overlooked fact is that so-called “Phoenicians” referred to themselves as “Ethiopians” and not as “Phoenicians”. This is a great example of distorted his-story through the invention and assignment of words/ names, which serve to divide people into groups to make the picture more complex than it really is. The truth can not be held back forever, and in the following I will demonstrate the superiority of a syncretic, logical approach to knowledge (an approach not limited to any single faculty, such as “History”, or “Egyptology”) to develop “true story” with the help of hidden etymology. One of the natural limitations of Egyptology is that esoteric teachings were never openly displayed on temple walls, they were passed on verbally in “mystery schools” and verbal initiation systems. Disciplines such as Egyptology or History are therefore limited in scope by their very own “scientific” 5-sense approach, they want to “see” evidence, instead of listening and using their own logic. The incapability of looking outside one`s own little scientific box is the primary attribute of what the ancient Greeks would have called “Idiotai” (no translation needed).

La Barca de la Luna

“Barcelona” = Barca / lona, or better “Barca - Luna” “la barca de la luna”, which means “(the) boat (of the) moon”, which is a reference to “bark of Ra”, an analogy used within the religious system of ancient Egypt. The “boat of the sun/ moon” refers to the moon crescent, i.e. the moon when it is waxing or waning, which is the effect of sunlight that is being reflected by the moon at night (the moon does not have light of its own). It figuratively represents one of the eyes of the NTR “Heru”. The concept of commerce is closely linked to the “Phoenicians” (= Khemetians, who also became the “Venetians”) and to the left brain hemisphere, which is symbolized by the right eye of Heru (see previous blog entry here). “Barca de Luna”, or “Barcelona” thus relates to the Egyptian spiritual system, which was exported from black Canaan by the “Phoenicians” (misnomer, Ethiopians), in this case to the Iberian peninsula. Barcelona is by far not the only European city with an Egyptian name. Many major cities carry Egyptian names, for example Paris (“Par Isis”, there was an Isis temple beneath Notre Dame, and “our lady”, french "notre dame" is Isis).

A territory called "Barbaria"?

Mainline history (= a commonly accepted distortion of reality created by the victors of wars) tells us that in 711 ACE the “Berbers/ or Barbars” invaded “Hispana”. Now, “Barbars/ Berbers” was nothing but a word creation of the Romans to describe the entirety of Northern African people/ tribes, which de facto had completely different names than “Barbar” or “Berber”. “Meru-ka” (based on Meroe, the capital of the Meroitic kingdom in what today is Sudan) and “Babubra” were vernacular names of the Ethiopians (not the territory of Abyssinia that carries this name today, but the vast, ancient Asian-African empire by the name of Ethiopia) and “Ethiopians”, as mentioned, also happens to be the self- proclaimed name of the so-called “Phoenicians”. If you find this confusing, don’t worry - it is designed to be confusing and to hide the simple truth that the “Merus” are one and the same as the “Moors”, who are the original “Neteru”, the “teachers of god”, they are the “Maurs” (as in Mauretania, or Morocco), who are one and the same as the Ta`maur-eans, and T´MR is another word for Khemet (KMT) and these are all different words for describing ancient, black Africans. They have nothing to do with “Arabic” people (Arab is a language group within the Semitic family of languages) who live in Egypt today. “Arabs” (who exactly?) were merely the latest conquerors of Khemet after the Greeks and the Romans. “T`MR” is actually more accurate than “KMT”, because KMT was a colony of Ethiopia, otherwise known as the “Moor-ish Empire”. I use the terms somewhat interchangeably, because most people today are completely unaware of either of the two and both are worth knowing. The main point is that there was a black global culture on all continents before Masonic “Caucasian” history was invented.

The West-African branch of the T`MR/ Moorish empire attacked Visigothic “Hispania” and named it “Al Andalus”. You can find plenty of European coats of arms of nobility and royalty (see here), which is evidence (using your logic) that Moorish influence was proudly presented and shown off and bragged with by European royalty. Why? Because it was common knowledge at that time that the Moors were far superior to Caucasians/ Europeans in many ways and Moors actually ruled Europe (“Europe” is from “Yoruba”, which was an African Queen and also Yoruba people in Western Africa) before any Caucasians set a single foot on this continent. The initial conquest of “Hispana” was purely African, and not “Arab” (which is a Semitic language group), or “Muslim” (which is an Egyptian mystery title, “Mesrem”/ Hebrew “Mizraim”, the term “Moslem” therefore translates to “an Egyptian”, now isn’t that revealing?) or from the “Middle East” (there has never been a region by that name, this is a fictitious word creation to distort the fact that Egypt is an African country). “Islam” has been transformed into the “Islamic faith", which is another control system created by the royal (Piso) families, who also authored the New Testament. The “evidence” of this can be seen in the language that is used and how the stories inter-relate. New Testament and Koran are one story in two sequels, the Koran is actually "New Testament, part II". The “Islamic faith” was superimposed over the ancient system of “Islam” (which means “peace” and goes back to Ma`at of KMT). Representants of the “Islamic” aera also entered Al Andalus, but the military conquest and hold was black- African.

Tarik Ibn Zeyad

Contemporary writing about the attackers from Mauritania\ Senegal states that “(…) the horses of simple soldiers of the Moors were better dressed than European kings.” , which gives a faint idea about the superiority of the Moorish culture. The indisputable fact is, that under Moorish governance and leadership, the Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal) experienced its “golden age”, because the peninsula strongly benefited from the scientific knowledge of the Moors, which was (and still is today) far superior to any European “science” (=”divided knowledge” based on 5 senses). The university of “Salamanca” = Sol/ Amun/ Ka (“Sol” = sun/ “Amen” = the hidden aspect of god in creation, “Ka” = spirit, so the city could be translated as “spirit of the hidden sun”) was unmatched in Europe and during this golden time Iberia learned all the skills which it became famous for:

- contemporary education system (as stated above)
- post system was introduced
- medicine, especially surgery excelled
- metal craftsmanship, blacksmithing
- navigation skills
- astronomy (linked to navigation)
- horsemanship (e.g. Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art)
- breeding
- saddling
- (enter more here)

Symbol of the "Marranos" (Moors, Merus, Maurs)

All these Moorish/ African technologies later enable Spain/ Portugal to conquer much of the world on behalf of the Vatican, after the Moors were expelled from Grenada in 1492 and Spain / Portugal came fully under Vatican control. The “Conquistadores” carried out Vatican geo-policy, which included the elimination of all “heretics”, i.e. cultures in the Americas that had their own spiritual system, or knowledge of Khemet teachings, e.g. the Nagals/ Amaru priests of the Inkas in what we today know as “Peru”. The Pope was always the highest Commander in Chief, as there were no true European nations so to speak at this point in true-story. They all existed under the rulership of interbred families who sold out to the super-tribal formation called the Holy Roman Empire/ Roman Catholic Church. The doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church as an institution is based entirely on the stolen legacy of Khemet. Rome has twisted the original teachings for power purposes and suppresses the world with their corpse on the symbol of life until this very day. “Khat” = body, “holy” from grk. Helios/ Phoenic. “Hely” = the sun. “Holy Cat” is also a reference to Heru-em-Akhat (“Heru of the horizon”, Greek misnomer “Sphinx”, “the strangler”), the “Holy Cat” (=Catholicism) is the stolen legacy of Khemet. Thus the English (Ankh-lish) expression “Holy cat!” (side note: English is a very young Germanic language and contains many Khemetic words, e.g. “hour” or “horizon”, from “Horus”).

Cathedral of Toledo, which served as translation center in the 13th century

The founding stone of what we know as “Spain” could be defined as the reign of Alfonso X from the House of Burgundy (nickname “the Astrologer”), who during 1240 - 1250 ACE re-conquered some parts of Al- Andalus and in 1250 restricted the Moors to a last stronghold in Grenada. Alfonso introduced the language “Castilliano” (today commonly referred to as “Spanish”) to Al- Andalus, and he is also the ruler who first commissioned translations of Moorish scientific texts on a broad scale through the “Escuela de Traductores de Toledo”, which was established to serve the Vatican to catch up with Moorish wisdom and technology. From 1257 -1275 Alfonso X also functioned as King of the Romans/ Germans but later renounced this title, which led to a Civil War, after which his 2nd son Sancho took the throne. Sancho allied with the Sultan of Morocco and was declared “enemy of the faith” by the Vatican, this was one of the last attempts to break away from Vatican control.
Ethiopian "Solomonic" (=Sol (sun) Amun/ Amen-ic, "the hidden one", there was no historical king by the name of "Solomon", this is an allegorical character) Royal Coat of Arms, note the "Lion of Judah" and all three Abrahamic symbols in the middle of the throne

In 1455 the Romanus Pontifex was issued and the Vatican basically declared the Pope (“father”, Vicar of Christ, and the pope is the “Anti-Christ”, the one who takes the place of Christ. The Greek “anti” not only means “against” but also “taking the place of”. The “Ante-Christs" (“ante” as “before”) were the Gnostics, who were the true Cristians (Coptic, from “Ptah”) before the Vatican took over and perverted their knowledge into a “belief” system. The Coptic/ Ethiopian Pope is in fact the authentic head of the Gnostic bloodline, see coat of arms above) to be the ultimate owner of the entire World. The world is well advised to take note of the following three Papal Bulls, which are in effect today:

- 1302 “Unam Sanctum”, by Bonifacius
- 1455 “Romanus Pontifex” (eternal slavery of heretics), by Nikolaus
- 1481 “Aeterni Regis”, by Sixtus

In case you research these bulls, you will find that some original documents are withheld from the public by the Vatican (therefore it is evident that there is something we are not supposed to know), so again, evidence is not something to be “seen”, it is to be realized through logic, i.e. using our brains. Show me the evidence”, cries the scientific fool.

Inquisition tribunal

The next important chapter in Spanish true-story was the personal unification of the crowns of Aragon and Castile through the marriage of Ferdinand/ Isabella I (Isabella was born poor and thus easy to manipulate by Vatican agents) in 1469, which was a full scale sell-out of the Iberian Peninsula to the Vatican. Ferdinand and Isabella proceeded to establish the Spanish Inquisition in 1481, which was officially against the “Protestants”, but the very first group of people to be persecuted were actually the “Alumbrados”, the “illuminated ones”, who were the Gnostics, the carriers of ancient (Khemetic) wisdom, who were particularly dangerous to the Vatican system of lies for obvious reasons. Between 1480 – 1530 at least 13,000 “Marranos” (so called “Black Jews”, “Moriscos”, yet another name invention for “Moors”, i.e. descendants of Ethiopia, “Jew” is a mystery title from KMT, the “Black land”, thus “Black Jews”) were executed by the Inquisition.

In 1492 Grenada fell and Isabella and Ferdinand thus completed the “re-conquista”, which was driven and financed by the Vatican from beginning to the end. They issued the “Alhambra decree”, enabling death sentences without trial and mass expulsion of so-called “Jews” (i.e. black people from Africa). Today we are taught about “Sephardic” Jews, which is another biblical term based upon “Sepharad”. Knowing that the bible is mainly ALLEGORICAL, the value attributed to this term should be primarily allegorical, and not geographical. By 1497 the Spanish crown was fully linked to Habsburgs/ European aristocracy through strategic marriages (that were sponsored by the Vatican) and in the16th /17th century Vatican/ Habsburg Spain became the leading power in Europe (and the world).

The New Atlantis by Sir Francis Bacon, 
featuring the (Masonic) Pillars of Hercules.

After Grenada fell, a mysterious figure by the name of “Cristobal Colon” allegedly set out to A-moor-ica to invade the Western Moor-ish (“ish” means people) Washita (later Washington) Empire (the Washita are the oldest indigenous population of the world acknowledged by the UN), with the goal of eliminating the kings of Cuba (Ka = spirit, Ba = soul) and Haiti (Taino/ Arawaks/ Caribs).This is why these two islands are still hotspots today, true story must be suppressed. This is also why Colon took a translator with him who spoke Arabic/ Hebrew/ Chaldean (reference: Columbus diaries, which also mention a “black emperor”). Between 1492 and 1500 some estimated 20 million Caribs were misplaced, and the strategy of labeling and registering aboriginals as “slaves” started on grand scale in Eastern America (misnomer). Colon`s ship was navigated by Pietro Alonso Nino (Pietro “el Negro”), a Moor who had sold out to help the Vatican. From 1492 – 1610 some 3,5 million “Moriscos” (= Moors) left Iberia, but some remained to help the Vatican invade the well known “New Atlantis” that Francis Bacon (also called “Shakespeare”, or "St. Germaine", same person) wrote about.

Slavery has ever since been a strategy not primarily for obtaining free labor, but rather as a sophisticated legal tool for depriving people of their natural birthright, which is the basis for nationality and identity and title of land. India at the time was called “Hindustan”, so this does not explain the term “Indian”, which actually means “in dios”, or ”in god”, or “god`s people”, which is an Eastern Ethiopian title. From 1493 to 1501 some 3,000 indigenous Moors (A-Moor-icans, Amaru-cans) were taken from Amexem (later called “North America”) to Sevilla, where they were very clearly labeled as “Negroes/ blacks”, and not as “red skin”, because Hollywood movies are whitewashing (or better "red-washing") the fact that Amexem aboriginals were 80% descendants of black African (Moors, Olmecs, Moundbuilders) and only 20% “red skin” (= Asiatic origin).

Revealing hand gesture of a man with many names

In 1516 the House of Habsburg officially took control with Charles V, and Spain finally became part of the Holy Roman Empire. Charles was the grandson of Isabella I, and this explains why Isabella, Ferdinand and “Columbus” are glorified in Hollywood movies with big stars and big drama and emotions. All of this serves to cover up the fact that they sold Spain out to Europe and to maintain the lies about the man allegedly called “Columbus” and the stolen Khemet history that was transformed into the lie about "ancient Israel"  and further twisted by the Zionists/ Khazars/ Masons, who today fully control Hollywood, thus the circle closes. In the portrait above, Colon displays his secret society membership (his hand displays the (Masonic) “M”, this is not a natural hand gesture, try it yourself!). In addition, his signature reveals his occult background and last but not least, his ships displayed the Templar cross, which was not a “Spanish” emblem at all. All of this suggests that there is a lot of hidden information in this area and some scholars doubt that Columbus (from “columbia”, the dove, symbolizing the released soul) even existed. He may be yet another invented, constructed character

Spain rose to world power in the 16th and 17th and fell hard during the 18th and 19th century. By 1930, all western nations declared bankrupt at the Geneva conference (which they still are today, this is an occult fact, not a theory), the “countries” have since been replaced by corporations and the people serve as collateral for the debt, thus in any western nation today, we are actually paying our taxes to bankers (against something called “government debt”, or interest on "loans”. A "loan" is a control tool). Bankruptcy was declared following a threat at the Geneva (“Genesis of Eve”) Conference and the 1930 minutes still have not been published until this day - with good reasons. If you want to know which countries declared bankrupt, see which ones participated.

People around the world are suffering under financial terror of the IMF 
(in this case, a worker in Korea)

During 1959 – 1974 the “Spanish miracle” was made possible through a political sell out to the IMF (= further debt enslavement) by the Opus Dei, also called “Technocrats”. The Vatican branch known as Opus Dei (“God's Work”) was founded by a Spanish priest, Monsignor Josemaria Escriva, in 1928, as in occult circles it was known well in advance that in 1930 the western world would declare bankruptcy, because in true-story big events are planned and not driven by coincidence. Opus Dei is what people who think in the artificial “left- right” paradigm would call a “right wing” order of the Catholic Church. Just like the Jesuits and the Vatican itself, Opus Dei is wealthy beyond any imagination, and traditionally linked up with rich and powerful citizens, who share the Vatican`s interest in maintaining the practice of wealth on the shoulders of poverty. Opus Dei has, according to its own claims, about 80,000 to 100,000 members around the world. They consist of priests, bishops, cardinals, members of the military, a number of dictators, lawyers, and the money elite with substantial wealth. The IMF is one of their newer toys. The “Spanish Miracle” was the same strategy as the “Marshall Plan” in Germany after WWII – the borrower becomes the servant of the lender, loans are control tools, as mentioned).

Zbigniew Brzezinski recruiting Mujahedin/ Taliban/ Al Qaeda fighters

The sell out of Iberia continued, just like in the rest of Europe. In 1975 General Franco died and the Bourbon dynasty came back in control after the 18th century. In 1982 NATO membership followed (NATO is a war institution and it will never be interested in peace, because without war, it would not be needed any longer). In 1986 EEC membership followed (read “The Rotten Heart of Europe” by Bernard Connolly, a Brussels insider who exposes the Exchange Rate Mechanism for what it is) and in 2004 false flag bombings in Spain formed part of the global artificial terror campaign. It was later blamed on Al Qaida, an organization that Hillary Clinton has just publicly admitted to be a creation of the CIA.

The President of the WWF has just proudly killed an elephant. 

Rajoy Barcenos affair in 2013 shows that politicians are nothing more than white shoe Mafia, and it needs to be understood that all politicians are powerless, because Spain is a Constitutional Monarchy (from “Moon arch”, the Moon has to do with earthly spiritual power) and the House of Bourbon are multi- billionaires and to me it seems evident that it would be fairly easy for this old bloodline to make Spain debt free at once, if they so desired, which of course they don’t. The King is Head of State and made a lot of negative press in 2012 when he went elephant hunting, which as WWF President really didn’t look too well – unless one over-stands that the WWF has been a tool for industrial sell out of land and covert geopolitics, and white wash of environmental destruction by multi-national corporations from the very start.

True story beats his- story

Contrary to “his-story”, The European Union has been created and implemented by the Bilderberg Group platform/ Round Table (I describe the historical creation of round tables in detail in my own book, they go back to Cecil Rhodes, read “Tragedy and Hope. A History of the World in Our Time” by Carroll Quigley). Spanish royalty and politicians have been frequent visitors in Bilderberg meetings, here some examples:

- Juan Carlos (descendant of Queen Victoria, of Louis XIV /Bourbons, Emperor Charles V/ Habsburg dynasty of the Holy Roman Empire)
- Queen Sofia (House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg)

- Maria Dolores de Cospedal (2011), Secretary General of the PP
- Bernardino León Gross (2008, 2010, 2011), Secretary General of Office of the Prime Minister
- Miguel Angel Moratinos (2009), Minister of Foreign Affiars 2004-2010
- Soraya Saenz de Santamaria (2012), Deputy Prime MInister
- Pedro Solbes (2009), Minister of Economy and Finance 1993-1996, 2004-2009, former European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, former Second Vice President of Spain
- Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero (2010), Prime Minister 2004–2011
- Luis de Guindos (2013), Minister of Economy and Competitiveness

- Ana P. Botín (2010), Chairman of Banesto
- Juan María Nin Génova (2009-2012), CEO of La Caixa
- Matías Rodriguez Inciarte (2010), Vice Chairman of Santander Group

- Cesar Alierta (2010), Chairman and CEO of Telefonica
- Jaime Carvajal Urquijo (2010), Chairman of Advent International
- Gustavo Cisneros (2010), Chairman of Grupo Cisneros
- José Manuel Entrecanales (2009, 2010), Chairman of Acciona
- Juan Luis Cebrián (2008-2012), CEO of PRISA

The latest meeting locations of Bilderberg mark the epi-centers of the "financial crisis"
- 2008 USA (elections, Lehman sacrifice)
- 2009 Athens (crisis in Greece prepared)
- 2010 Spain (crisis in Spain prepared)
- 2011 Switzerland (introduction of negative interest rate, Switzerland is the "base" of international banking, which goes back to the founding of "Suisse", "Soers D`Isis" on August 1st 1291, covertly operated by the defeated Knight Templars after the fall of Acre in May 1291)
- 2012 United States (elections, preparations of race war, martial law)
- 2013 UK (we will see what is planned there)

(plenty of info about Bilderberg in Spanish language here)

A key figure in the Spanish crisis

The current Spanish Minister of Economy and Competitiveness, Luis de Guindos, who visited the meeting in 2013, was an adviser to Lehman Brothers up to 2007, making him partially responsible for the financial mess that Spain is in today. Note that due to public pressure the Bilderberg Group now has an offical website, which you find here. Below an excerpt from an article on www.Infowars.com. Side note: I don’t appreciate or support "Infowars" in any way, because it is based on fear-mongering, over-emotionalizion and it calls for “resistance”, which in my view is the wrong approach, but nevertheless, the Infowars-team does some good research and they publish good articles every now and then, unfortunately presented in a gonzo style)

(Source: here)
“It’s significant that a member of Bilderberg’s steering committee (Juan Luis Cebrián) is inviting De Guindos to the table this year. It reveals that Bilderberg wants to make sure their pro-Euro policies will be properly communicated to Spanish officials, who can then sell it to the nation as a painful but necessary thing. Just like their Greek counterparts, Spain’s elected officials are summoned to Bilderberg to streamline the global objectives by a group of international bankers with the preferred policy measures they would like to see implemented. One could say that these elected officials are committing a treasonous act, as they cannot disclose what has been decided. Being a former Lehman Brothers adviser, the Spanish minister probably won’t need too much encouragement to execute these objectives.

To illustrate the involvement of the Spanish power structure in the annual Bilderberg meetings, just check out the royal family’s Wikipedia page, noting that all of the prominent members of the family are members of Bilderberg. Queen Sofia attends Bilderberg on a very regular basis, as does her husband King Juan Carlos. Now elected officials get to go behind the backs of the Spanish people as they swear alliance to an unelected and unaccountable body.”

Statue of goddess Europa being abducted by the the Greek bull (Zeus) 
outside the headquarters of the European Union in Brussels

Let`s zoom out further and look at the symbols of this whole political project called “European Union”, which are obvious – for those with eyes to see. The name “Europe”, as mentioned, is taken from Greek mythology, which is based 1:1 on African mythology. There is no such thing as “Greek philosophy”, all wisdom has been taken from black Africa by the Greeks after their conquest of T`MR/ KMT. Pythagoras and his peers learned everything they knew from the Moors in Khemet. In Greek mythology, the Greek bull (who is Zeus, Jupiter, Ptah-Ra, Jew-Peter, the “father”) abducts and rapes goddess Europe/ Yoruba (see statue in Brussels above). Isn`t Greece being utilized by the bankers today to “abduct and rape Europe”? This is precisely what is happening, Greek mythology is symbolically enacted. Greece was not only politically manipulated on at least two occasions by the CIA, it was also set up for the financial mess that it is in today by Goldman Sachs advisers, this is on record (just research main stream press, there are plenty of articles on this). The entire “2008 crisis” was created well in advance and initiated through the Lehman Brothers sacrifice, which was aligned to the revolutionary cycle of planet Pluto (which I have demonstrated here), and it can therefore be expected to continue until 2023, unless the majority of people catch on to this plan, which might be a game changer for the social engineers. The purpose of this whole mess is to weaken the middle class, to consolidate wealth, to force people to sell their assets/ houses, and to consolidate corporate (banking) power. The program is so far working very well.

Do you think I am stupid enough to pay taxes?
I am not working class, you fool!

Most people fail to realize that politicians are only government employees with comparably small salaries and that governments are de facto under the control of corporations (mainly banks and media). The old banking families are currently pulling off an artificially designed crisis, as they have done many times before in true-story. “IMF” stands for “I am Fucked” (by the Opus Dei and the Jesuits) and Mrs. Lagarde has admitted that she pays no taxes on her own salary (see here), but nevertheless she relentlessly preaches that the common people should be more disciplined and happily pay their taxes. Why not lead by example, Mrs. Lagarde? Mr. Strauss Kahn apparently thought that the IMF rule should be a little more moderate, thus he was set up in an artificial affair.

Heru, the power of will

If we wish to have more freedom, the Spanish people, like all other people in Western nations, are well advised to unify, because separation is always weakness in warfare and whether we like it or not, we are in the middle of class warfare. There should be little or no energy wasted on political discussions, geographic areas, ethnicity, religion, as all of these are dividers in a common cause. Powerful, 100% peaceful and happiness-generating tools to start executing one`s own divine will (“Heru”) are to:
- switch off the t.v.
- to refuse following the political soap opera in the news
- not to execute one`s voting right
- to passively protest (not in the streets)
- to withdraw one`s conscious energy from the system
- to refuse having bad feelings (we need to stay happy, otherwise we get sick)
- to unify on local level and help one another
- to strengthen communities, grow food together, etc.

Strong families do not depend on government help

If politics come into the game, we should primarily demand stronger family support, this should be our highest political agenda, because strong family units make government more obsolete. Family equals individual strength and therefore the institution of family has always been the enemy of government.

Finally, a quick word on the term "New World Order"- this term has at least three valid definitions:

1. The new financial order that was established after the declaration of bankruptcy of western nations at the Geneva Conference in 1930 (and added to the reverse side of the dollar note in 1935)

2. The new astrological order of the ages (shift from age of Pisces to age of Aquarius, which occurred between 1900 and 2100, there are various, valid opinions about the exact time frame)

3. The strive towards a political Masonic/ Caucasian world government, as declared in the famous George Bush Sr. speech on September 11, 1991 (precisely 10 years to the day before 911, which is not a coincidence)

In this blog entry, I showed:
- how “science” is used to help covering 6.000 years of forged his-story
- that Spain was neither “Islamic”, nor “Arab”
- how Spain was sold out in several steps after the Moors were expelled in 1492
- that Bilderberg created the EU, which has been a political project from the beginning. We should forget fairy tales about economic prosperity and peace, the prime motive has always been and still is, to force a European super-state, which is part of the long-term agenda of a (Masonic, Caucasian, racist, oppressive) one-world government
- how Spain was utilized by the Vatican to conquer and destroy Moorish outposts
- the identity of the "Anti-Christ"/ "Ante-Christ"
- why today there is a financial crisis, who created it and for what purpose
- ways to deal with this situation on a personal level
- the possible interpretations of the term "New World Order"

Paz y amor a todos mis hermanas y hermanos en Espana y el resto del mundo, el mundo es nuestro, somos divinos.

In the light of the sun, we have always been one
In the light of the moon, we shall be together soon
In the light of the heart, we were never apart
Kailiash Kokopelli

Peace, Islam, Hotep!


  1. "Child support" encourages families to dissolve, it is a tool of the NWO to break families apart. I see no indication that Spain has no "child support" laws either.

  2. I used the wrong term here. I was referring to government support to raise children, which in Germany i about €150 per month per child.