The inter-semitic cold war in Palestine and the Egyptian roots of Judaism

I dedicate this blog entry to two of my (virtual) teachers, Santos Bonacci (I use a lot of books from his book list, which Santos publishes here) and Dr. Alim Bey (website here). Both of these teachers make their knowledge available free of charge, as any truly righteous teacher, who is interested in uplifting and educating others and not primarily interested in money, will do.
(Note: this does not mean that they agree or disagree with what I write in this blog).

Salam Aleikum (John 20:21), Shalom, (Jeru-) Salem, peace, hotep!

This blog has just had its first readers in Saudi Arabia and in Israel. Therefore, in this blog entry I will touch a hot potato and try to explain the esoteric reason why Israel/ Palestine is a "hot spot" today. In order to achieve this, I will try to prove that the so-called “monotheistic” (misnomer, because several deities have been merged into Judaism) religion “Judaism” was created by Egyptian priests, based on older religious myths, African nursery rhymes and astrology. I will also try to point out the origin of the term “Hebrew” and mention some of the original sources of major “Judeo-Christian” doctrine. I will then take a well-aimed shot at decoding the riddle, of why today there is tension in the Middle East and how and when this tension has been created and by whom and for what purpose. The world must re-learn true-story, because in what is commonly referred to as “his-story” the many have been systematically fooled by a few.

The following chain of thoughts is a result of my own studies. This was a breakthrough for me earlier this year and led to deeper and more pointed research. I will take you step by step through a discovery that I made which led me to several yet bigger discoveries. If you haven’t yet found access to astrology, this could be motivation to learn about it, as this discovery demonstrates the magnitude of astrology´s importance for, in and on world affairs. If you are skeptical and regard astrology as “new age/ bull*** ” (as I did only 2 years ago), this is due to the mental programing resulting from the great efforts that have been undertaken to ridicule it, which are supposed to keep you from looking at it! In any case, you may want to try to find the will to read on, keep your mind open and try to follow the logic. The information is key to today`s world affairs. Here we go.

As first step, I arranged the astrological symbols of the planets of our solar system according to their natural "order" (from sun outwards), which looks like this:

These symbols hold a deep meaning in themselves, but this is another topic and would be way too much information to expand here. Just very briefly, these symbols are all made of three sub-symbols, which are: circle/ half moon/ cross. The way these three are arranged within the symbol signifies the basic influence of the respective planet on our nature. Looking at the above arrangement, I noticed that the symbols also resemble letters of the alphabet: the sun symbol looks like an “O”, the Mercury symbol has a “t” at the bottom, etc. So if you "read" the first four symbols from left to right, you receive “O t t O”. If you now replace the symbol of Mars with the symbol of Scorpio (which is ruled by Mars), you get the following order:

If you allow your right brain hemisphere to assist you a little, the above chain of symbols now reads the word “O t t O MAN”.....as in “Ottoman empire”. What I stumbled across here is the true astrological origin of the term “OTTOMAN”. During the 16th and 17th century the Ottoman Empire was one of the most powerful states in the world – a multinational, multilingual empire, controlling much of southeast Europe, Western Asia and Northern Africa. Thus it also controlled the Sinai and Persia and the priest class of the Ottomans were magi/ astrologers. The Ottoman empire was more tolerant to religious practice than the Roman Empire for instance, the point is, it was not purely “Islamic”, as is sometimes portrayed today. Just like Spain was not “Islamic”.
Zodiac in the Dendera temple of Hathor

Next, watching a presentation by Dr. Alim Bey (“97 years”/ Youtube), I realized that the 12 zodiac signs are really six aspects with two polarities (which lie opposite from another in the zodiac wheel). I then noticed that these six aspects are made up of 3 pairs of planets.

The logic of planetary rulership, a "mirror"

3 pairs of planets of the zodiac:
Venus & Mars (rule the Aries-Libra and the Taurus-Scorpio aspects)
Mercury & Jupiter (rule the Gemini-Sagittarius and the Virgo-Pisces aspects)
Sun/Moon & Saturn (rule the Cancer-Capricorn and the Leo-Aquarius aspects)

Now, if you take the natural order of the planets and connect the pairs of ruling planets with a "u"-shaped line, you get 3 “arms” (planetary pairs) and one central pillar (= Earth), see above.

Menorah in front of the Knesset

This gives you the Jewish Menorah. Note that the “Star of David” (misnomer) is not and never has been the main symbol of Judaism, it was introduced to Judaism as late as the 17th century. The hexagram has been used by nearly every religion on this planet (see plenty of examples here, note: I dont agree with everything that is said in this video, I only link it here because it shows plenty of artifacts with the star of Saturn on it, to prove the point that this is a universal symbol, not Jewish) The star of Saturn is a natural symbol (see here north pole of Saturn). Instead, the main symbol representing Judaism has always been the Menorah, which, as I have just shown, is based on astrology and communicates the exact same message as the word “Ottoman”. The major astrological elements that got stuck with Judaism were the 7 Elohim (planets) in the Menorah, the 12 stones on the dress of the high priest (=zodiac signs), the two feasts of the equinoxes and the ceremony of the lamb (Aries). (reference: “Man, god & Civilization” by J.G. Jackson)

Next, I took the zodiac wheel the way it should be looked at (Aries on the left side, above the equinox) and added the connecting lines of the planetary pairs on both sides of the wheel, using the sun/moon axis as a "mirror". This produces the following shape below (picture taken from my personal notebook, sorry for the bad quality):

The astrological "apple"

Astrology is the "fruit" that Christians and Jews are not allowed to eat from the tree of knowledge (Caballah = Paut Neter)! This is one of the deeper, esoteric meanings of this particular bible allegory, perhaps the deepest. Because if religious believers would understand astrology (the “forbidden apple” which you see above), they would be able to inner-stand that their religious belief systems are only exoteric systems that have been superimposed over esoteric knowledge. The allegory in the garden of Eden goes very deep, but it is essential to realize that this is a much older myth that has been tampered with by the Chaldeans (the Hanuti of Babylon, “Hebrew”, Heb Heru  = "priests of light"). In the original wisdom the snake (kundalini energy) offered knowledge to mankind. The poison that was added in the Judeo-Christian version of the myth was that “Eve” (Evolution) took the fruit (and thus the guilt) and it was thus the women`s "fault" that man "fell" and was “cast out” of paradise. This served to degrade women and what became of women can be seen when you look at the hierarchies of the “big three” religions today. All three are male clubs, and women are only allowed to serve at the lowest level and can`t even become priestess. In addition, there are constant scandals with pedophilia and homosexuality, which is the natural result of suppression of female energy.
Egyptian circumcision

For the sake of reference, here below some selected sources of basic Judeo-Christian doctrine (Pentateuch):

Genesis: Enuma Elis, Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh
Exodus: Battle of Megiddo, Book of coming forth by day (, misnomer "book of the dead", 10 commandments from 42 laws of Tehuti)
Leviticus: Papyrus of Ani, Codex of Esh, Lipit Ishtar
Numbers: story of Thuthmosis III
Deuteronomy: (same as 3./4.)

The Holy Koran is 73% the same as OT + NT. The rest was taken from the “other bible”, which is the Apocrypha, the hidden books, which were taken out of the bible in the year 1647 by the Westminster Confession. The Koran also includes Zoroastrian texts (Avesta). (Reference: “Lost books of the bible and forgotten books of Eden”, a collection of 12th and 13th century Latin translations of books.) Believers are not supposed to read these books, so keep your fingers off them!

Akhenaten and his Queen, Nefertiti, practicing what today in China 
would be called "Qigong" (Life energy cultivation)

One of the huge his-storic lies that needs to be brought to the attention of the world is that of the alleged Exodus of “enslaved Jews from Egypt”, which is a historilization of a biblical allegory. To understand this magi-cal trick means to understand world events and how some of them have been constructed. The key is the so-called "Armana period" in Egypt (18th dynasty, 1353-1336 BCE), after which the priests of Amen chased the Atenists (followers of Akhenaten) out of Egypt (KMT). Horemheb became Pharao, the Hanuti regained their full power and Ramose, a vizier, led the Atenists out of Egypt. Ramoses most likely became “Moses” of the bible. This black, Egyptian group of Atenists developed a new priest class outside of Egypt, which became the Hebrew (Heb Heru = Egyptian priests of light). Atenism was a light religion and Akhenaten can be seen practicing Chi-Gong (see above). Reference: “From Light into Darkness” by S. Mehler.

Merneptah Stele

The exiled Atenists had no history of their own and thus started to adapt the history of other regions, namely Babylon and Khemet. The alleged history of an "ancient Israel" is a fabrication and there is only one single artifact (the “Merneptah Stele”) that has ever been found with the word “Israel” on it, hardly enough to construct a historic country. Every other country of the time is thousandfold documented, of Israel there is just one Stele. The Torah (from Tauret, Hippo goddess of Khemet, center of the Swastika, the four arms are YHWH, the four elements of astrology, fire/ air/ water earth) was authored after the captivity of the Atenists in Babylon. A whole fictional history was assembled in this book, which has allegorical and metaphysical meaning, not historical or figurative.

Later this situation got worse, when the Khazars decided to convert to Judaism. In came the white skin folks. Again later, Judaism was hijacked by Zionism (closely tied to Masonry, note that blacks were not permitted in the lodges, Zionism was born in the U.K. "mother" lodge). Zionism followed the liberalism of Oliver Chromwell, who advocated admission of „Jews“ to England (against money of course). Moses Hess was the “inventor” of Zionism, and Theodor Herzl, friend and collaborator of Marx and Engels, who proceeded to create the utopia of “communism”. While Marx was writing the Communist Manifesto under direction of one group of Illuminists, Professor Karl Ritter of Frankfurt University was writing the antithesis under direction of another group, so that those who direct the conspiracy at the top could use the differences in these two ideologies to start dividing larger and larger numbers of the human race into opposing camps so they could be armed and then made to fight and destroy each other, together with their political and religious institutions. (reference: “Pawns in the Game”, William Guy Carr).

Palestine, which was occupied until 1920 (!) by the Osman (Ottoman) empire, was already in 1917 (!) promised by Great Britain to Lionel Walter Rothschild (reference: “Balfour Declaration, British Library). An occupation zone in Palestine was then enforced through the Holocaust (Greek: “animal sacrifice by fire to a deity”, this is a biblical term, Leviticus/ Deuteronomy) and the deliberate "Nazi"/ Ashkenazi confusion. The Ashkenazi were the supposed “burnt offering”, now ask yourself, to which deity?  I might go deeper into this, but will restrict my comment on this chapter of his-story to the fact that the words "holocaust", "semitism" and "Nazi" hold very particular etymological meanings. The tragic irony of the inter-semitic“cold war” in the Middle East from a religious point of view is that the Jews, who call their land “Israel” do not worship the god of Israel (El/ Allah), are in conflict with their brethren “Arabs” who worship the god of Israel, but mistakenly assume that they are descendants of a Jew (Ishmael, son of Abraham). (reference: “Mythology`s last gods”, Prometheus Books, 1992, p. 107).

Given these true-storical facts it must be argumented that Israel`s forced occupation of Palestine is not historically justifiable. What is going on with full backing of the United States is a perpetual crime against the human family, comparable to the Warschau Ghetto. Let´s just mention the 2010 Gaza Flotilla Raid, during which at least 9 activists were killed, through gunshots, some of them in the back. The simple solution is that the land should be shared today, the common people would not mind at all, as all "differences" have been carefully constructed by the priest class. The zionist/ high masonic power fraction is not yet prepared to give up their silly utopia of a forced world government. Separation is the highest game plan – divide et impera (divide and conquer).
Olmec statue, clear African facial features

The real diaspora is that of black people (I use "black" as in Khemet = "the black land"). For example, of the perhaps 100 million (est.) black people living in the United States today, perhaps 15% can be attributed to heritage from slaves who were forcedly moved from "Africa". The remaining 85%, so the majority, are descendants of the true aboriginals of Amexem (misnomer "America"), which were the Moors/ Moundbuilders and the Olmecs (from which you get "Old Mexico"), who were descendants of ancient African states (e.g. Nubia/ Ethiopia) and have lived on this land, before it was invaded by the Vatican obedient "Conquistadores" and governed by European high masonry. This true-story is slowly resurfacing, which is bound to happen in our age, which is the age of meeting our past and finding out the truth. Nothing can be hidden. (for the reason why please see my previous blog entry "your personal invitation to the apokalypse").

I have explained in this blog entry why people in Israel and Palestine (and everywhere else for that matter) are sisters/ brothers and subject to abuse by the priesthood, who are pulling the strings of their puppet politicians from behind the scene and are organized in secret societies, mainly high masonry. I have also explained how "Hebrews" have constructed their history and how Khazars (Caucasians) took this over by converting to Judaism (sometime between 750 - 850 ACE). Readers who are open minded enough to inner-stand these facts may ask, what the bigger picture is in terms of world power. I will say this much - it is currently based on racism and occupation of aboriginal land, this is the hard truth that European/ Caucasians must face, so damage can be undone and harmony can be re-established. As long as black history is suppressed, black brothers and sisters remain without identity and nationality, and the suffering and division of society continues.

Origin of "American" symbolism is KMT, the black land!

The majority of my readers is U.S. American, so I would like to appeal to the American (Amexem) part of the human family to start paying attention to their own occupation: the District of Columbia (D.C.) is not a part of the United States and the "United States of America" are bankrupt since 1930 and have been replaced by a corporation of the same name. The $-notes are "I-owe-you`s" to the Federal Reserve, which is a foreign entity owned by old Eurpean banking families. The "debt" is mainly held by 1.) the Federal reserve 2). China 3.) Russia, this is why U.S. manufacturing industry has been relocated to China and replaced by the prison/ surveillance industry. "Debt" is collected through the IRS, which is a foreign owned Puerto Rico Trust and each U.S. citizen is used as collateral through their birth certificate/ social security number and traded as bond on the stock exchange. These are not "conspiracy theories", these are conspiracy facts, which have been carefully hidden from plain sight, but cannot be hidden forever. The "Fed" was constructed by an ambush on Congress in 1913 (read "The creature from Jekyll Island") and in 2013 it has its 100-year anniversary. It will be interesting to see how this birthday will be "celebrated", the logical step would be for the Fed to de-construct itself and the bankers will try to do this in a way that the blame can be laid on other forces, so they can pose as the saviours, which they have always done in true-story . Stay alert. In one of my next blog entries I will describe the situation of Spain/ Europe, which is similar.

"The cheapest price to pay, is attention." Are you paying yet?
(Chuck D/ Public Enemy)

Salam Aleikum (John 20:21), Shalom, (Jeru-) Salem, peace, hotep!

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