Are you holding out for a hero?

In this blog entry I will explain how social engineering works, what the "Eye of Horus" truly stands for and how to activate the true power of human will.

  • People who play ball games (playing ball is a children`s game. The global, commericalized sports system is based on tribalism and has been designed for the powerless male to release emotions. The football stadium is the only place where you can find adult males freely displaying emotions. This outlet has been created for the otherwise powerless males of today`s society)
  • People who are very good at pretending (e.g. Hollywood actors/ politicians/ show masters/ comedians/ starlets). All of this is about big emotions.
  • People who, by coincidence, represent the pre-defined concept of outside, superficial beauty (e.g. models, actors, singers, “stars”, "good-looking" people)
  • People who own a lot of material things (e.g. billionaires, well-known CEO´s, etc)
  • People who present art that has been created by other people (e.g. designed “Superstars”)

If you reflect over this list, you may rightfully ask yourself, how it can be that billions of people are so deeply in coma that they willingly glorify such alleged "heroes". Society is in a coma and billions of adult people around the world are so deeply in this coma, that they dont even pay attention (the cheapest price to pay) to what they themselves think and do.

In addition to the list above, we are occasionally being supplied with selected political/ social heroes by corporate media, here some examples:
  • Julian Assange/ Wikileaks, a rather intransparent for-profit organization, the leaks were in line with Zionist geo-strategy. Even if there is a genuine side to it, mass media reports 98% about the man and 2% about the contents, thus Assange as a person is transformed into a "hero".
  • Ron Paul, a hero for "awakened” voters (e.g. “audit the Fed”, “stop war”). He carried the hopes of voters willing to move beyond the "right-left" paradigm, he was extremely successful, but then dropped out of the election.
  • Anonymous, the masked hero, mainly targeted at the youth, typically promoting “cyber terror”, which of course is exactly what the government needs, in order to advance internet censorship)
  • Barrack Obama, a designed hero for the black community. Simplest research reveals that he has a CIA family background, that he was close to the "Weathermen" terrorists as a student and that he is not even a U.S. citizen. The list of his lies is a very long one, it started immediatley after his election, when he increased trops in Iraq, contrary to his promise to reduce these

Whenever appropriate or neccessary, we are also supplied with “real" heroes/ martyr types like currently E. Snowden (picture above). Note, how mainstream media talks 98% about the man and 2% about the leaked contents. While hundreds of millions of people follow the daily Snowden soap opera (today Snowden does this, tomorrow Snowden will do that, Putin said this, Obama says that, Snowden`s mother says this, etc, etc) and invest valuable time and energy on the issue, the NSA simply continues as before (in fact, just yesterday, they announced that they are building a new NSA center in Wiesbaden, Germany). The very fact that mass media is broadly reporting about Snowden/ NSA, shows you that he is a hero who has been approved by the corporate system. If this was not the case, you would not hear a single word about Snowden in the news, because news corporations are controlled top- down, not bottom- up. There are plenty of other people who are just as courageous, who you will never hear one word about.

In the end, this is nothing more than advertising/ propaganda/ whitewash, because a few months from now, nothing will have changed, the NSA will still be doing whatever they have been doing since decades. The public will be under the erroneous impression that they have learned about "big secrets", while it was only peanuts (In-Q-Tel helped to finance Google, the Arpanet was a military project from the beginning, what else is new??). The public will also have unknowingly learned the lesson: “I believe that I was told what is being done to me by the NSA, the world has heard about it, so no need to be upset about it any longer. Everyone seems to be aware of the issue, so it is ok for me not to bother. I can simply keep watching the news and see what is going on”.

Social engineering goes way beyond the News. Plato explained already 2,400 years ago (in "The Republic") that the three things needed to control behaviour of a society are drama, music and fashion. Why? Because people perceive these as "entertainment" and allow such information to be freely programmed into their brains. If you pay close attention to t.v. programming (which programs your head), you may notice that in most popular movie/ sitcom (“sit calm”), the male hero-character is either portrayed as a social failure (e,g, Donald Duck, Al Bundy, Homer Simpson, etc) or as super-human (e.g. James Bond, Jedi- Knight, etc). The hero/ heroine character, with whom the watcher must automatically identify in order to follow the plot and "live" the movie, is often made to get away with things that we would not tolerate or admire in real life (e.g. kill, lie, steal). This is how social engineering works. Corporate media is the filter: only those movies and series pass the filter and reach a broad audience, which have been approved by the engineers (top executives of the industry, usually members of Round Table Groups/ Lodges, where they meet with proxies of the truly powerful, who prefer to stay in the background).

In contrast, whenever we are shown truly powerful heroes, they are alien or at least super-human (note the recent revival of Marvel heroes by Hollywood, which drew millions of people to movie theaters, the craving for super heroes is obviously very high), because this implies that you as weak, little human animal can never, ever become such a hero. Incidentally, such popular heroes are located in the upper class (e.g. Batman) or linked to the government (e.g. Rambo, the Robo-Cop type). Such upper class/ government heroes are carefully designed by people who know precisely how the human brain works and great care is taken so the end product must be admired by the average consumer. Billions of dollars are used to run the hero machinery, and even more billions of dollars are earned with it! The public should really be paid to watch the propaganda, but instead, it is designed to appeal emotionally and people are made to pay twice: first in money, secondly in their diminished, artificially limited self-image, which is the effect of consuming fiction that most people don’t realize at all. We are made to do this to ourselves, like everything, because we are unaware of the force within us, which I will explain below.

As a result of social engineering on grand scale, if you take a look at your self image (i.e. how you subconsciously view yourself, the “man in the mirror” that Michael Jackson sang about, he had a great message to the world after he broke free from Sony and before he was ritually sacrificed), what most people are made to see is a powerless, weak, ape-derived, technology-depending, instable, insufficient, emotionally driven, insecure or vain, craving, chronically ill, narcissistic, intellectually limited, helpless, consumer-slave animal, who is satisfied with regurgitating opinion from the media, casting a vote every couple of years, going to work, paying taxes and planning the next holiday. 

Let`s now take a look at the real hero in this world.

Heru became "hero"

The word “hero” comes from Greek “heros” (this is the part that you are shown in etymological dictionaries), which is based on Khemetic “Heru” (this is the part that you are not shown!). This is a great example of how we are being controlled through language, words and spelling. Both words “hero” and “Heru” sound almost identical in spoken language and, as most people are not aware that there is an ancient concept by the name of “Heru”, they are prevented by utilizing the word “hero” from having mental access to the concept called “Heru”. The word “hero” is literally blocking Heru in the left brain hemisphere. The word is the same, but in the minds of people it is made to carry a new meaning. And (not surprisingly, if you understand the magi-cal white wash function of language) this new meaning is designed to distort and hide the original meaning by occupying the space in the mind that was originally reserved for “Heru”. In this particular case, the word “hero” still expresses the original concept of Heru, but “hero” is an external projection of the original “Heru”, which takes place within. The external hero originated as internal Heru. 


The reason why Heru was hidden from sight and replaced by thousands of external heroes, is because the internal Heru is the key to the immense individual, natural power that we have. We are not supposed to be aware of our power and instead follow external heroes, so that we can be controlled, easily manipulated and ruled over. People aware of “Heru” within themselves would be much harder (if Heru-consciousness is fully developed, impossible) to control. This is the reason why we are being bombarded with thousands of external heroes in the media every day, in movies, in sitcoms, in books, in newspapers, in fictional stories, in the daily news, in our fantasy, in sports, in arts, at work, everywhere around us are heroes that we are made to like, love, acknowledge, admire and worship (religious substitute). Hundreds of millions of adult males worship footbal stars today, which are merely adult men playing a children`s game. How can this be?

The real, original hero is Heru, which is within us. Heru is within each single member of the human family, regardless of age, sex, religion or race. We are a miniature version of creation. Our consciousness affects the physical world (as I have explained in this blog entry). Our thoughts form the world of tomorrow. The highest occult teaching in all ancient spiritual traditions is that man and creation are the same. This is also reflected in the esoteric side of Abrahamic religious systems (Sufiism in Islam, Gnosticism in Christianity, Caballism in Judaism) and the most recent and most powerful “savior god" hero character that has been (forcedly, with lots of blood, torture and murder) introduced to the world is Jesus, the Christ (it would actually make more sense to say Christ, the Jesus, because Christ is “physically enacted” as Jesus).

With billions of believers, Jesus is currently the most popular hero character on the planet and he accomplishes in believers` minds exactly, what I have described above. The Vatican attributed “unique divinity” to this character, which means that his Christhood is not attainable for believers. He has been designed as external hero, onto whom the believers can project all their hopes, dreams and their expectations of one day receiving redemption/ salvation (two very misunderstood words), both individually and as humanity. The conscious acceptance of belief in such an external “savior”-hero inevitably produces inactiveness on behalf of the believers, who are now condemned/ relieved to waiting until their promised hero returns. The (forced) projection of emotions onto an anthropomorphic character is designed to generate bondage to the church and to allow the church to represent the hero. Projection of hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow onto a hero figure eliminates the present individual initiative of believers, who are thus spiritually muted and inactivated ("I can`t do anything anyway, until Jesus returns"). The church can now step in and fill this power vacuum and exercise (mind) control. There are hundreds of similarities between Horus (Greek for “Heru”) and Jesus and it is clear that Heru/ Horus served the Piso family as role model when they designed Jesus (I showed how the Jesus character was constructed here).

IS - RA - EL = you

Heru is a so-called “Neter”/ NTR, which is mistakenly translated as “god” by mainstream Egyptologists. Instead, a NTR should be understood as a "force of nature" (in fact the word "nature" is derived from NTR). Initially, Heru (falcon headed) was a sky- Neter, and his two eyes represented the sun and the moon. Later, as Heru-Sa-Aset (Heru, son of Isis) he became part of the divine Egyptian trinity (see above, left to right, Heru/Ausar/Aset = (Greek) Horus/Osiris/Isis = (Vatican) Son/Father/Holy Ghost). Heru is the father re-born as his own child, who takes his father`s place, which is a grand allegory that describes how man/ woman rids herself of her lower nature (Seth) and is re-born as his/ her own spiritual son (daughter) in higher nature (Ausar). This is represented by Heru`s famous struggle with Seth, who represents the lower (animal) nature within man/ woman. This is not really a “fight between enemies” as often portrayed by “scholars” today, it is much more about the shifting of balance between two poles of the same attribute. Heru (Horus, Jesus, Krishna, Quetzacoatl, Mithra, etc.) and Seth (later transformed into “Satan” by the Vatican) are actually twin brothers, "walking the same path" (two concepts of consciousness, both within each one of us).  "Heru" also means "face of the falcon", which was a title given to young, male initiates into the Egyptian mysteries.

Sphere 6 = Heru

The shift from one polarity to the other is driven by the divine power of will, which is the principle that Heru stands for. It is not so much the act of willing itself, more the "fiat" power of will, the awareness that the will is the highest "commander" in life. Every human has the divine, free will/ choice, to resist and move away from her/ his lower (animal) nature (controlled by the Reptilian and Limbic brains) and to follow higher (divine) will (controlled by the Frontal Lobes and the Cortex), which is a unique choice that only human beings have and which separates us from animals. In the Paut Neter, the Egyptian Tree of Life (later re-invented as “Caballah” by the Het Heru, Hebrew, see picture above) this power of will is represented by the 6th sphere of consciousness (in Caballah the 6th Sephiroth is "Tiphareth"/ Beauty). Through conscious spiritual evolution ("religious practice"), the Heru consciousness is to be joined with the True Self, which is Asar/ Ausar/ Osiris. When the Heru consciousness is fully developed, one has complete control over emotions, complete command over all forces within body and mind. There is nobody and nothing external that can make you do anything that you don’t want to or disturb your inner peace (Ma`at, Islam, Allah). This is the ultimate power (awareness) of will, which is the "beauty" of life. (for in depth studies, see booklist of Ra Un Nefer Amen, here). 

The Eye of Horus

The "Eye of Horus", also called "Wadjet" or "Utchat" is used to represent the power of Heru on both macro- and micro- cosmic scale (as above, so below).  The right eye of Heru (connected to the left brain hemisphere) represents the sun , the left eye (connected to the right brain hemisphere) the moon.

(side note: this is why in the music industry a lot of stars are shown covering one eye, they are made to show you that if you follow this garbage culture, you are living only with one eye open and using only one brain hemisphere, the modern high priests are making you aware and mocking you at the same time, see examples here).

The Wadjet/ Utchat eye symbol is constructed on the basis of brain anatomy:

The main components of the Utchat are the Thalamus, the Hypothalamus, the Corpus Callosum and the Medulla Oblongata, which are the main features of our central (higher) brain whose delicate interplay generates what we refer to as the "power of will". To thoroughly explain this interplay would require a separate post, the Medulla Oblongata for example is the seat of memory. Anthropomorphized, the Medulla is Tehuti/ Thoth (Greek: "Hermes" which is based on "Heru Mes"), from which we get the word “thought”. Human (brain) anatomy was completely decoded by the Egyptians (and of course their spiritual predecessors, the Ethiopians, whereby “Ethiopia” does not refer to the small territory that we know today, "Ethiopia" is a Greek word construction meaning "burnt faces"). The Utchat symbol is a powerful example of the superior knowledge developed by ancient Africans, some of which has been hidden, some of which has been forgotten and some of which is currently too complex for us to understand, as our right brain hemispheres are under-developed and we have lost touch with our inner spirituality (our “essence of being”). We currently live in a left-brain world and believe in left-brain science ("science" means "divided knowledge").

The sun and moon represent the mystic marriage of the soul and the spirit within the human body, which generates the Gnosis/Crestos/ Karast/ KRST/ Christ/ Krishna, which is the spirit force operating through the core of the sun/ solar core of the earth, which emerges in man through the heart (and cardio-vascular system), which is the place where the soul "splits" from emotions. This is why Jesus is shown pointing to his heart (see above). It is also the reason why Jesus is called "the divider" (e.g. Luke 12:51. "Do you suppose that I came to grant peace on earth? I tell you, no; but rather division."). The soul meets the spirit/ holy ghost (breath), air is represented by the NTR "Shu". Thus, you get Ya- Shu- Wa/ Joshua, which is one and the same as Jesus. Shu mediates "good" (ya) and "bad" (wa), or "heaven" and "earth", or in Khemet "Nut" and "Geb":

Shu (center, standing, breath/ air) divides Nut (infinity, zodiac, higher nature) 
from Geb (on the floor earth, lower nature). 
On the left and right side stand Khnum (creation aspect of Ra, the sun) 
and Amen (the hidden one). 

If we want to be free and society to change to the better, we need to acknowledge and exercise our own, internal, superior power of will and take responsibility for generating happiness from the inside.

As we shake off external heroes and gain back our power, we automatically withdraw it from our controllers. There is no need to protest anything. There is no need to be “against” anything. There is no need to fight with anyone over anything. There is no need to feel bad about anything. There is no need to look up to or wait for heroes of any kind.

The realy Heru is you.
There are no external heroes.


  1. Thanks for presenting this knowledge. I believe my heru is emerging now and over the next few years.

    1. I enjoyed that presentation, you connected a lot of the hidden symbolism in... well pretty much what we would think of as mainstream media as well as the ancient knowledge and symbolism that the cultures such as the Egyptians understood on a much deeper level than the mainstream teachings that USA schools taught. (If you want some info on the ancient mystery we know of as EGYPT check out lawofone.info for an interesting perspective, its all free so check it out.)

      They never taught us about the eye of horus and the deeper meanings on these things. Were grown to be sheep, but you don't have to be one. You always have the power inside of you, we are all the hero/u's. Ever since the First Council of Nicaea Christianity hasn't been the same, everything was swapped around and the message was manipulated.

  2. This article is dishonest in its presentation of Ron Paul, and ever more unfortunate in its misunderstanding and ignorance of Christianity. For the discerning spirit, many clever lies are to be seen here. For the delusional, there's enough high truth to be swallowed whole.

    1. An article cant be dishonest. An author can be, but I am not. Whoever is not ready for the this is better advised reading an apologist blog.

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