Symbology of Spanish banks - and some insight into the spiritual deceptions of our time

I recently moved from Frankfurt to Barcelona and one of the first things that I took note of were some of the eye catching logos of major banks. In this post I will browse through a few of them, just to underline the point that symbols are universal and the same types of symbols can be found in corporate logos all around the world. I have picked the logos of four of Spain`s largest institutions. All four of them have a religious, or at least a spiritual background.

Before we go into this, let me first briefly touch on the meaning of the often misused terms “Religion” and “spirituality”. “Re-” means “back”, but it also means “Ra” (nouns are interchangeable), which refers to the deity of Khemet, the sun orb (the soul that speaks, which later became the “Word” in the bible, the “mummy that comes forth”, which later became Lazarus in the Roman catacombs. If you look at Lazarus, he is even wrapped like a mummy). “ligere” – to bind, to connect. As a whole, the word means to “connect back to RA”, or at least “to connect back”. What is meant by this is to connect back to “source” and more specifically, to ancestors, who are a part of ourselves through inheritance of DNA. This is why indigenous people worship their ancestors – by doing this, they actually worship themselves, being the very product of their ancestors genes. Occultism teaches that every human has in him 7 levels of DNA from the father side and 7 levels from the mother side, totaling 14, which are equivalent to the 14 pieces of Osiris (Asar, the dormant soul during incarnation, the sun after sun-Set) that Isis (Aset, life force energy) was looking for, after Set (Chaldaic “Shetan”, Babylonian “Saten”, Vatican “Satan”) cut him to pieces. These 14 are correspond to the “dead souls”, which used to be worshipped in what we today call “Halloween” (hallowed – holied – sunnied) celebration, the 14 principles of geneaology, explained from “genes of Isis” (Genesis) to Revelations (of geneaology). Religion should be something entirely personal and there is no need for any “intermediary” (priest, church) or any supposed “saviour” gods (there have been plenty of them!).

“Spirituality” refers to “spirit” and spirit refers to “essence” (like in alcohol), or simply “air”. Air stands for the thought world, generated by the human mind, which is the essence of our being. The Cat (khemet. Khat = body) – holic (sunny) religion has obscured this concept by reinventing Isis as “holy spirit” in their trinity (= unity of three), and one reason they have done this is because their mind-control system is led by a male-only club, it has to this day no room for women in the upper echelons, thus Isis had to be re-labbeld as a neutral “spirit”. However, as Isis was widely worshipped, not the least by Roman soldiers, they needed to hold on to Isis statues, which today are the “black virgins”, which you find more frequently, the further south  you go and the closer to Khemet you get. The world has yet to see some female priests again and once it does, things are likely to get better (more spiritual)! Someone claiming to be non-spiritual is someone claiming not to be using their mind. And the world today is indeed full of mindless people. They complain about the BP oil spill but next day they buy gas at a BP petrol station. It is a spiritual choice, not to buy at BP.

Let´s get back to bank logos, banks are mostly owned by religious “clubs” (“church” derives from “Circe”, a goddess who lured people to her island and then turned them into swine). Note how today`s churches are often surrounded by grave yards, priests are dressed in black and there is a corpse hanging on the symbol of life – Christianity (karest ani) is a clear death cult. The connection between banks and religion goes back to Templer times, when they settled to found “Suisse”.

The first logo is easily identified as “Christian”, as the “C” and “X” together form a fish. The entire system of Christianity (karest ani, Asar`s mummified body, the soul that lies asleep in the pineal gland while being incarnated, Amen = “the hidden one”) is symbolized by the fish, because it represents Pisces, the symbol of the 12th zodiac sign (Zoo- diac = “animal deus”). This doctrine was introduced at the very turn from the Arian age to the Piscian age, roughly 2000 years ago. The New Testament was to large parts written by a the Piso family (Arrius Piso is a play on “Aries Pisces”, also the “Alpha and Omega”, A…. …..O, the New Testament clearly tells you who your god should be!). There are plenty of references to “fishes” in scripture, e.g. when Ies-zeus (there was no letter “J” until the 14th century) advises fishers to throw their nets on the right side of their boat (which means, they should start using the right hemisphere of their brain). In astrology the Piscian age stands for “belief versus doubt”, while the age that just started in or around 2012 is the Aquarian age which stands for “knowledge and friends”….quite a difference, I would say J Aquarius is an Air sign, and the spirituality of the entire planet rises in ages of air signs.

The second logo is also rather simple, Santander is showing the good old flame, which always stands for wisdom, which in turn is the very result of spirituality (i.e. using one`s own mind, both left and right hemisphere). 

Next, the name “Banco Sabadell” reveals the character of this symbol, as “El sabado” (this is actually Saturn x 2….) in Spanish means Saturday, which is the day of Saturn, the chief deity of the El-ohim. If you keep this in mind and now look at the symbol, what do you see? I see a black circle with a “B” in it. Funny coincidence that Saturn is referred to as the “black planet”, or a “B” in a black circle. I find this pretty clear and straight forward, this is a Saturnian symbology, which can be associated to both Judaism (mostly Saturn worship and Christianity (“universal”, which means all planets are worshipped). (On a funny note, “BS” also means “bullshit” in American English, which is a great title to give to any of the useless, leeching banks today. Their time is up! No room for them in an air sign). 

Last, my personal favorite. La Caixa has one of the most beautiful logos that I have noticed so far. The 5-point star is the khemetic symbol for Sirius, the star in the Orion constellation which was the very center of religion in Khemet. Occultism teaches that our sun and Sirius are in a binary system, meaning, they orbit each other, forming the symbol of a vesica piscis (look at the Master Card symbol). As sun and Sirius approach another, spirituality on earth rises (“golden age”, after age of Virgo into Leo), as they go in opposite direction, spirituality falls to a low (“iron age”, or “Kali Yuga”, we are just coming out of this low, it was the middle ages under Vatican rule, the age of Pisces). Let´s not forget that Jewish priests assisted the Vatican and that the same royalty who created the New Testament also created the Koran. At the very top, this is all one club, one system of rulership over the minds of people. This can be proven beyond any doubt, because there is one master key to all religions and this is ancient Khemet. The one key that opens all doors and fits every lock. It is the original drop that fell into the water, by which the waves of all religious systems were later formed. To understand the waves, we must look at the original drop.

 Next, the symbol contains two “dots”, which are stars. The yellow orb is father sun that we know, he impregnates mother earth with his photonic rays, the source of all life. The red orb could be Alcyon, which is the “father” of our sun, or the central sun around which all suns in this galaxy rotate (relatively speaking of course, because it always depends on from where you look at it…). Time and space are relative. The 5-sense researchers in Cern (nice logo with a 666 in it J) will never be able to find the smallest particle (and my conviction is, the people who finance this, know this very well), because they are cutting up a hologram, and the splinters of a hologram always contain the whole, just like a full human can be cloned from just only one cell. This is an attribute of a hologram. The deeper the telescopes look into space, the larger the universe will seem to get. The ancients knew that all answers lie on the inside of the body, the outside is an illusion. 

Just look at the marvelous solar plexus – it IS the milky way in miniature (often symbolized as Ouroboros). As above, so below. As in heaven, so on earth. (If you want to have a laugh look at the Wikipedia description of the solar plexus. This is one of the human`s 4 brains (cerebrum, cerebellum, medulla oblongata, solar plexus) and Wikipedia simply tells you about what happens if you get punched in it).

Man stands at the frontier between the micro-cosmos (atoms, molecules, leptomes, bosoms, whatever one wants to call them, these are just words.Atoms have the structure of small solar systems) and the macro-cosmos (solar system, milky way, universe), in a kind of “event horizon”. We are half evolutionary animal, earth-evolution (ovulation by eve, metu netcher = Mutter Natur = Mother Nature) produced and half spiritual, soul-etheric, divine. Khemet teachings say this upper part of us comes from Sirius. The lower part is referred to as the “beast” in man, or “666” (this number refers to Carbon, 4th most common chemical element in the universe, the human body is carbon based). Darwinism is on one eye blind (and also not logical, because on one side it claims nature to be selective, but at the same time, to be without a system, without intelligence), because it neglects the upper nature of man. “Modern” empirical science, which is purely based on 5 senses, will never be able to stand alone. This is why more and more brilliant quantum physicist minds are currently opening themselves up to spiritualism – because only spiritualism has the pieces of the puzzle that they are missing. David Blohm was one of the pioneers. More are to follow, as we go deeper into Aquarius.

Let the logos that you see during a busy day to remind yourself that the powers that be today ARE spiritual – even if you may not appreciate it, this world is led by spiritual people, who utilize mind control techniques to govern the earth. One important way of doing this is to separate people from their spirituality. Thus, if you chose to be “non-spiritual”, your help in the battle will be dearly missed!

Let`s all re-connect (re-ligere) and be more mindful (spiritual) again. This world is ours and there is nobody and nothing more important than anybody or anything else.

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