Symbology of Thyssen-Krupp

A few months ago I was amazed by the discovery of a very popular set of symbols, which is literally hidden in plain sight. To my knowledge, this set of symbols has not been explained anywhere else, at least I could not find any article on it. Once made aware of these symbols, they literally jump into one´s eyes. What I share with you in this blog entry is evident - for those with eyes to see!

If you travel a lot, you may have noticed that Thyssen elevators can be found all over the world: in New York skyscrapers, in African hotels, in Chinese shopping malls, and Australian office buildings alike. The next time you enter an elevator in a department store, office building or airport, check the brand - there is a high likelihood that you find yourself in a Thyssen elevator. And if you do, you will find the above logo inside the cabin.

This logo is a combination of an Arch, which used to be the logo of Rheinstahl, a steel company taken over by Thyssen in 1973. The three intertwined rings came from Krupp´s 1875 logo and Krupp-Hoesch was fused with Thyssen in 1999. The lame, exoteric explanation of the three rings is that they were supposed to represent the company`s three main product lines, which is pretty far fetched. Today it does not even hold much logic, because there are no “three product lines”.

The Rheinstahl Arch (see picture above) in combination with the “Thyssen” letters resembles a Masonic square and compass, which is no coincident. This kind of image is not created "accidentally". Many of the famous designers of "modern" symbols apparently know occult symbols very well.

The three intertwined rings are from the Rosicrucian doctrine, representing the three higher planes of consciousness of the hu-man (the “hu”- radical means “soul”, the word “man” relates to “mind”. Today`s mankind (= a kind of man) is the soul-mind, or “human”). The symbol was later adapted by Christianity (khemet. karest ani = god force within the body (khat), this is where the word “cath-holic” comes from, the “sunny body”), which is nothing new under the sun, because Christendom (or better “dum”) does not offer one single symbol, story, character, location or idea in its doctrine, which it has brought forth on its own. Karest Ani is 100% khemetic, stolen by the victor (= Rome, Greece, white caucasians) from the defeated (= Khemet, blacks).

So now we have the royal arch of “freemasonry” (a misnomer based on “phree messen”, another concept from Khemet, “children of light”, “reborn children”) in combination with the three higher planes of consciousness of the Rosicrucians (which is also Khemetic teaching, same wine in a different bottle). The rosy cross “mystery” (my story) stands for the female suffering & bleeding of the (male) sun, the Gnostic female Sophia, which was part of khemetic funeral rites. The 90 degree initiation system of the Rosicrucians is the closest to the Egyptian mystery school, masonry is similar, but somewhat condensed. So there we have the “Brothers of the boiled dew”, les Frères de la Rosee Croix/ Cuite F.R.C. linked to the children of the sun in one image.

The word “elevator” contains the radical “El”, which is the head deity of the 7 Elohim, otherwise known as planet Saturn, in Jewish writings (originally Ptah). This radical has been introduced into a lot of words that stand for “uplifting” things, such as EL-ite or EL-ection or EL-evator. The reason is that the priest class who designed the Germanic language called “English” (Ankhlish) intended Saturnian principles to resonate as something “good” and uplifting. Therefore you have the EL-evator, which permits you to “evade” EL, i.e. to ascend or descend at will!

The symbols on the two buttons, if you overlay them, give you the “star of David”, which is a misnomer (a word not properly reflecting the true nature of a thing). This is an ancient hermetic symbol (Hermes = greek version of “Heru Mes”, the reborn hero, otherwise known as the autumn equinox sun, also re-invented as the “Jesus child” by the PISO family, born in Virgo, i.e. the Virgin “Mary”, who actually is ISIS, goddess 1515) representing the law of correspondence, one of Tahuti´s 7 laws (later called Thoth by the Greeks). You also find a hexagonal shape on one of Saturn´s poles, a hint at the Saturnian origin and correlation of this ancient symbol, that can´t be denied.

 The “star of david” (misnomer) has also been used on the flag of the Zionist occupation zone called “IS-RA-EL” (the trinity, see older blog entries), which as a country has no historic right of existence whatsoever. Why? Because there was no ancient Israel, no Solomon and no David and no Moses. These are allegories, not to be understood figuratively. Gaza used to be a colony/ stronghold of Khemet. The Canaanites, despite huge efforts to make us believe something different, were blacks, not whites. This truly is the global conspiracy that needs to be exposed and dismantled.

Now, why am I so sure that the Thyssen family consciously uses these symbols? Because the Thyssen family are not our next door average Joes. Fritz Thyssen, grandson of a prominent German banker, was one of the most important early sponsors of the NSDAP “Nazi”-party (another misnomer, based on “Ashkenazi”). Thyssen had been in contact with Averall Hariman of Yale`s Skull & Bones Order 322. The Union Banking Corporation and Thyssen bank acted as NSDAP fronts. Prescott Bush became vice president of W.A. Harriman & Co. in 1926, and he was the grandfather of “W”, the man who frauded himdelf into office with the help of mysterious Florida votes supplied by his brother Jeb Bush.

To truly understand the occult background of the German “Nazi” leadership, one needs to research into the Thule Society, Dietrich Eckhart and the Germanen Orden. One good point to start such research are the precious books published by Anthony Sutton. This courageous scholar had access to Nurembourg trial original documents and his career was destroyed over his writings. If you want references and proof, help yourself, nothing is hidden. Thyssen was heavily into the occult, just like all leading NSDAP members, and just like most leaders today.  

Last but not least, the two cabins represent the twin pillars Boaz & Jachin. In order to make a change in the world, we have to get back to understanding symbols, they are far superior to written words. Let yourself be reminded of this, each time that you enter an elevator...let it elevate your thoughts!


  1. I believe you are reading much too into the actual symbolism, rather than their intention.

    1. These are very simple symbols - we have just not been able to read them. The intention is crystal clear.