Symbology of Shell Corporation

Next, before going into greater depth, let me focus once more on a “simple”, modern corporate logo. My intention is to demonstrate to you, that there is much more than meets the eye and that symbols, ancient or new, are a key to perceiving deeper levels of what we label “reality” - for those with eyes to see!

What is hidden in this logo, may surprise you and it will develop your thinking, to reflect upon this symbol. The first impression is that this depicts a sea-shell, as the name “Shell” seems to confirm. The second level of this symbol however, is that it contains a rising sun, note the small round nudge on the bottom, which is the sun disk. Note, that the seashell is used as symbol in the “birth of Venus” by Boticelli. Venus and the seashell, in conjunction with the sun, obviously hold a deeper meaning.

Venus is the Roman depiction of the Egyptian (khemet.) goddess Isis. Isis in the zodiac is represented by Virgo. Isis was previously called Aset in ancient Khemet (the land today called “Egypt”, after the Greco-roman imperial conquest). In Latin, a distinctly Roman language, the concept represented by Isis, was later depicted as “Luficer”, the light bearer. He is also the Greek Prometheus, who stole the fire from the gods (note how female power became male…).

Most minds today, trained by the Vatican world oppressors, will immediately associate Luficer with something negative, or “bad”. “Lucifer” is a purely Latin word creation, just wipe it from your vocabulary, use Isis instead. Metaphysically, Isis represents the Kundalini energy, which is “half asleep” (just like Aset) in your Sacrum (tailbone). Funny enough, that this is a magnetic power, thus "negative", even though negative and positive are just two poles of the ONE. In this manner, Lucifer and Christ "are brothers walking the same path", which you will understand, once you see what these words truly mean...

The sacral bone, home of Isis energy, is where the words “sacral” and “sacrament” come from. The shape of the tailbone is the archtype of "Satan", the word being, amongst other, a play on "Saturn", the planet that rules the bone structure (200 fallen angels = rays of light). He is the physical prison of Isis - thus if something "sacral" is done, Satan (Saturn/ the sacral bone = physical prison of the spirit that can free the soul) is worshipped, oops! Is it dawning on you, what is going on in the Vatican?

Aset must be awakened and joined with Osiris (Amen, the hidden one, which is your dormant soul in the pineal gland). “Amen” is still being prayed to by all 3 monotheistic religions to this day. It were the priests of Amun-Ra in the 18th dynasty who forced Tut-ankh-amun to restore Amun (Amen, the hidden one), after Akhenaton had tried to oppose the ever more powerful priest class. The descendants of this priest class are playing "wizard of Oz” with us today, they are the Saturnian brotherhood, and you can see what belongs to them, if you have eyes to see.

I have digressed a little, let me resume. The Shell logo is a clear reference to the concept of Aset/ Isis/ Lucifer. Note, how the setting (I say it is setting because the sun set aka Seth, opponent of Horus, can be associated with Virgo) sun in this symbol has 8 rays and seven red lines pointing to it. This is beautiful symbology, indeed. The number 8 stands for perfection and transcendence. Buddha (Ptah) is an 8, Christ (karest) is an 8. They have overcome the 7 (Elohim), which in the body are the 7 chakras, the 8th one above the head being the Telios, the dwelling place of ascended masters.

Now here is the question "du jour": WHY does a nature-destroying company, co-owned by proven “Nazis” (Prince Philip co-founder of Bilderberg Group, SS cavalry member, he has denied it, but it is well proven) and royalty (House of Orange) such as Shell, display such a beautiful, deep symbol? They obviously know something that we don’t. Want to have my view? I think the priest class of Amen is trying to show us something through their Saturnian fraction. They are displaying this kind of symbol openly for a) power purposes b) as a sign for those to see and c) they destroy nature to wake us up...or better, they may be used as a tool for achieving this, knowingly or unknowingly.

Good deeds force the universe to counter-balance with "bad", bad deeds do the opposite. During wars, spirituality rises. Of there is no war, people will have no definition of "Peace". Could you imagine that ultimate wisdom may be that there is a very valuable purpose in destruction, suffering and violence? Open your mind. Somebody is trying to wake you up! I dont propagate here that Saturnian forces are "good", dont get me wrong. I am trying to tell you that it is natural that they exist and they will always do. It is up to us to keep them under control.

Want to change the world. Simple, change YOUR world. Don´t buy fuel at Shell. THIS is your task, to be conscious and to act consciously. If you buy at Shell or BP, the destruction of nature is YOUR fault, and nobody else´s. YOU create, like it or not.....

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  1. What is the solution then, what company should we buy gas? Arent they all like Shell? Say I use my car less, what company should I by gas from. I'd love to own an eletric car but I dont have the money for that yet.