"Blackwater" - a closer look at the name

Lets move one step deeper, from the previous openly visible every-day symbols (McD and Shell) to some more occult (hidden) and subtle ones. In this particular case it is not so much the symbol but rather the chosen Brandname, that is revealing, for those with eyes to see!

I wish to direct your valued attention to the currently largest mercenary private army on this planet, “Blackwater”. Something so big and holding so much power, must inevitably reveal its character upon closer examination. The linkage to the CIA has been publicly documented, and as the payer is the master of the receiver, we can state that the CIA is the “parent” organization of this private army. After receiving too much attention and bad press (shit, this can happen, if you get drunk and fire with machine guns into civilians) under the particular name of “Blackwater”, this enterprise has been renamed to XE and later to “Academi”, but let`s focus on their previous name.

Some details in this article:

Blackwater has been used in Afghanistan as early as 2002 (or earlier?) and they have used gas weapons in Iraq in Bagdad, they have also fought in 2007 in Somalia. Their infamous leader, Erik Prince is a former Navy Seal and he and his closest buddies are known to have a spleen for Knights Templar symbols. Well, just like the Templars, Blackwater seems to be fighting a crusade against Arabs, so it is quite fitting. Also fitting is that evil giant Monsanto has hired their service on proven occasions. Cowards, disguised as men, they would shoot me for money, I am sure. I sure would not like to see the below car near my children, would you?  

But let`s get to the etymological part, which is revealing, to say the very least! There are two layers contained in this name, one is geographic, the other religious. Both are equally important and obvious, and both help to better understand what is really going on our planet.

The Sense river
1.      Geographic component
The town “Schwarzwasser” (Blackwater) is located near Bern in Switzerland. The water referred to is that of the river “Sense”, which literally means “scythe”, which of course is the tool of the “Grim reaper”, which is nobody else than our old buddy planet Saturn, “father time”, the “crazy god who eats his own children” (time kills anyone), El, Satan, Lord of the Rings, whatever you want to call him J.

Switzerland was founded a few months after the fall of Akon (May 1291 ACE), the last stronghold of the Templars near Jerusalem. They settled and founded Switzerland, a play on “Soers d`Issis”, sisters of Isis (watch the “pharaoh show” by Sean Hross). Note the red flag with white cross on it, as known from the "Knights of Christ" (see above). The Templars became the bankers of today and this is why Switzerland has always been “neutral” (they are far from it...) and have never been attacked, not even by a supposed “madman”, such as Adolf Schicklgruber (aka Hitler, 25% jew), whom they of course co-financed, just like the Vatican, who later helped key “Nazis” to escape from Nurembourg trials (research “rat lines” and “Operation Paper Clip”). Vatican still today protected by the Swiss Guard, go figure! So here you have the connection between Erik Prince`s spleen for Templar symbols and the organization`s name. If you understand who and what the BIS in Switzerland is, you will be on the right track to find the core of the “banksters”…

Note the bear paw in their symbol, another reference to the area near Bern/ Switzerland, which as symbol has a Bear!!

Hall of Ma`at
1. Khemetology
Most people don’t have the slightest clue that English is a very young, Germanic language and that it includes a large scoop of pre-egyptian (khemetic) elements in it. The following will be revealing, to say the least. The Name “Mohammed” was not used by arab people at the time of 600CE, it was an ancient Egyptian mystery school initiation title, just like “Hebrew” (Heb Heru) was a mystery language and “Israelite” and “Jew” were initiation titles. Mohamad was a title, just like “Buddha” is a title, or “Christ” (karest). Taken apart in Khemetic language, MU – HAM – MAD literally means “Water” – “Black” – “Peace/ truth”, or better, “one pulled from blackness of waters to the truth”. “MAD” = “Ma`at” = truth/ peace. So, by taking away “Ma`at”, the word “Blackwater” remains. This tells you that this mercenary troup`s very core mission was to take truth and peace from Arabs, which we must admit, they have accomplished quite well.

The world is well advised to realize, that religion is the ultimate “divide and conquer” tool. All three “monotheistic” religions have derived from the same source, all three constructed by the same power, just as Lessing described in his “Ring parable”. One Ring to rule them all, Mr. Tolkien.


Christianity, from “karest ani”
Moslem from “mesrem”, tear born of the eye of Ra (Islam = peace)
Jew from “Djewhuti”, Thoth, Hermes (Heru Mes)

Research the “Piso family” and look into the Ptolemaic rulership of Khemet. See how Arrius Piso meant “Aries Pisces”, he was the man who “played” Jesus, the corpse on the symbol of life, which we should take off this precious symbol as soon as possible. The world is driven by a spiritual battle…and the 7 world religions all contain some truth, but they all contain deceptions, and this is 100% intentional, as I will go to prove in this blog over the next 12 months, using 21st century symbology.


  1. I just read your Blackwater article from my film (no problem), and you may also put my videos in there. You might want to see my video 5th column on chatzefratz or The Nazi Templars on giureh, in which I explain, how the swiss mercenaries came working for the dutch king and then went to South Africa, where today`s most notorious mercs are from. So Erik Prince is not of dutch descent but again Swiss. Revolutionary Greetings: Sean.

    1. Sean - thanks for dropping a comment! And as you see, I added some of my own etymological findings to this, so I hope this article enriches the overall topic. By the way, of all my blog entries, this one is receiving the most views, about 100 per day. Concerning the videos you mention above, I will take a look. Also thank you for the Pharao show, this really helped me about two years ago during the wake up process.